Installing Sawtooth Brick Edging

Upgrade your landscape with the easy to install sawtooth brick edging

1-2 hours
Installing Sawtooth Brick Edging

Sawtooth edging is one of the simplest methods of installing brick edging. There is little cutting and it is more forgiving if you do not get things perfectly aligned. An old-fashioned favorite, sawtooth brick edging adds cottage charm to any garden. This guide will teach you the principles to installing sawtooth brick edging.

What You'll Need

Dig a trench
Dig a trench - Sawtooth Brick Edging

Dig a trench 4 to 5-inches deep around the bed. Places stakes beyond the corners of the bed that will act as guides to create the edges of the trench area. Run level mason's lines between end stakes at the finished height of the edging. Lay the first brick at a corner, setting it at a 45-degree angle.

Lay rows of bricks in trench
Lay rows bricks trench - Sawtooth Brick Edging

Using the mason's lines as guides, lay a row of bricks in the trench. About the bricks together tightly to maintain the angle and avoid gaps. Add or remove soil to adjust the height of the bricks. Backfill with soil and tamp gently.