Installing a Window Air Conditioner

Under 2 hours

Cool your home and control humidity levels by installing a window A/C unit

Before you install a window A/C unit, make sure the window is sound and sturdy enough to support the weight of the air conditioner. If there’s any rot or damage, make the necessary repairs first. Also remember to place your unit near an electrical outlet as it is unsafe to connect your it using an extension cord.


Mount the air conditioner

• Attach mounting brackets for support using wood or sheet-metal screws.
• Slide accordion panels onto both sides of the A/C unit.
• Place the A/C unit onto the mounting brackets.

Secure the air conditioner

• Lower the window on top of the A/C unit.
• Extend accordion panels and screw them into place.
• Fill gap between lower sash and window pane with foam weather stripping.
• Plug in the A/C unit, push the power button and set desired temperature.

How to install a portable A/C unit

• Measure the width of the window and apply foam weather stripping.
• Adjust the window bracket and secure it using L-shaped brackets.
• Lower the window.
• Connect both ends of the vent hose.
• Plug in the portable A/C unit, push the power button and set to desired temperature.

Tip: Remember to clean the filter and drain condensate water regularly.