How to Make a Hanging Herb Planter

Under 2 hours

Build a unique hanging herb garden using rope, lumber and terra cotta plants

This guide will show you how to turn your herb garden into a beautiful hanging display.  

Download the PDF instructions for the How to Make a Hanging Garden project.


Cut the lumber

Mark and carefully cut the 1 x 6-inch board into two 31-inch pieces, using a miter or circular saw.

Drill the holes

• Mark centers of the 4-inch holes and drill
• Draw a line straight down the center of one of the boards. It should be about 2 ¾-inches from the edges.
• Make a mark on the line 5 inches from the end of the board, then at 12, 19, and 26 inches.
• Using the four marks you made on each board, drill four 4-inch holes in each board.
• Measure in 1 inch from each corner edge and side. Use these marks to drill four 5⁄16-inch holes in each board.

Safety: Make sure to work off the edge of your work surface to avoid damaging it. Clamp the board down tightly to the workbench.

Prepare the boards

If desired, paint or stain your boards. Allow them to dry according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Add the rope

• Cut the 16-foot rope in half.
• Run each one down, under, and up each end of the bottom board, making sure to keep the board exactly centered.
• Measure and make a mark 12 to 14 inches up each side of the ropes and tie a knot.
• Now you can slide the top board down the ropes to rest on the knots, and tie the ends together.

Hang the garden

• Find a suitable spot for your garden, and screw in the J hooks. Set them 29 inches apart into a solid beam or overhang.
• Fill the pots with potting soil and your choice of herbs or veggies. Then pop the pots into the holes and you’re done.