How to Make a Terra Cotta Planter

1-2 hours

A terra cotta planter can be a beautiful addition to any garden.

Making a terra cotta planter is an easy way to create a beautiful focal point for your garden. Beautiful blooms and an enhanced terra cotta pot display can quickly and easily transform your outdoor space.


Spray your circle

• Place the stake in the ground where the planter will sit.
• Attach a string that’s 21 ½” long and pull it tight to mark the circle (about 43” in diameter).
• Use the shovel to dig out the circle to a depth of about 2”.
• Rake to level the soil.

Build the base

• Fill the circle with the leveling sand.
• Use the manual tamper to compact the sand.
• Use a level to ensure an even surface for the pavers.
• Arrange 26 mini avers around the inside perimeter of the circle.
• Place the terra cotta pot in the center.
• Fill in the area around the pot with bagged rocks.

Fill the pot

• Fill the bottom of the pot with a couple of inches of gravel for drainage.
• Top the gravel with an equal amount of pine bark or mulch.
• Fill the rest of the pot with potting mix, enough to completely cover the root balls of the plants.
• Mix granular plant food into the soil.
• Start planting.
• Accentuate the planter with a few smaller pots around the base.