How To Prepare Perennials for Winter

Perennials can come back year after year, but without proper care many will not return in the spring

1-2 hours
How To Prepare Perennials for Winter

You can save money, time and trouble by taking a few easy steps to protect your perennials. While most perennials are cut down for winter, many can be left up to enjoy the effect of their drying leaves. Evaluate the local climate in your area as that will determine how best to protect your flowers during the cold months of winter.

What You'll Need

Prepare Perennials - Prepare Perennials for Winter

• After the perennials have been felled by frost, cut them back to just a few inches above the ground.
• Add any healthy plant material to the compost heap.

Clean Up - Prepare Perennials for Winter

Old foliage tends to harbor plants and disease for winter so clear out the space around the base of perennials and clean up any remaining plant debris.

Add Mulch - Prepare Perennials for Winter

• Apply 4 to 8 inches of lightweight mulch.
• Spread mulch with your hands but don't tower the mulch around plants like a volcano.