How to Use a Power Drill

Learn how to use a drill so you can tackle any project

While using power drills may seem intimidating at first, it’s quite simple once you know the basics. This video and guide will teach you how to use a drill so you can be confident, comfortable and ready to take on any project.

Safety: Always wear protective glasses or goggles when using power tools.


Anatomy of a Power Drill

Anatomy of a Power Drill
  • Chuck – the part of the drill that rotates and holds the drill bit 
  • Trigger – squeeze this to operate the drill; release to stop the drill’s rotation 
  • Clutch torque selector – adjust this to increase or decrease the drill’s speed – faster speeds are best for drilling and lower speeds for driving 
  • Forward & reverse switch – toggle this switch to reverse the direction of the drill’s rotation; put your drill in reverse to remove screws 
  • Battery – removable and rechargeable power source 
  • Drill bit – the removable part of the drill that actually goes into the project’s surface

Power Drill Bits

The drill bit you use will depend upon the project:

  • Use to drill holes to make a space for screws or nails.
  • Use to drive screws into surfaces.

How To Use a Drill

Safety: Always remove the battery (or disconnect from power source if using a corded drill) before exchanging drill bits.

  • Loosen the chuck to remove, adjust or change out the drill bit 
  • Insert the bit 
  • Tighten the chuck 
  • Adjust torque 
  • Stabilize drill vertically and start with a low speed and gradually speed up

Next Steps:

Now that you know how to use a drill, let’s tackle some projects:

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