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HVAC Efficiency


Reduce turn by helping residents lower their energy costs with green HVAC initiatives and maintenance tips from The Home Depot. Residents who see their electric bills move in the right direction want to renew their leases, and prospective residents are actively searching for greener apartment living. Help apartment seekers find their ideal home and improve your bottom line with efficient apartment HVAC systems.

Air Filter Replacement  

Ensure your systems' air filters are being replaced at proper intervals by providing them to residents. You'll save with bulk pricing, protect your HVAC systems by using the right filter and help residents control their energy costs. Filters should be replaced every 90 days for single residents or 30-60 days for larger families and residents with pets.

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Green HVAC Maintenance  

Maintain the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning systems to project a green-minded image and help residents reduce their energy costs. During regular maintenance and between turns, check the unit's ductwork. Seal any breaches and eliminate any harmful buildup on coils using professional-grade HVAC cleaners and sealants from The Home Depot.

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Replace Old Equipment  

Replace old HVAC systems with new ones to improve cooling and heating performance for years to come. HVAC systems lose some efficiency every year. If your systems are at least 10 years old, start planning a replacement strategy. New, energy-efficient systems help reduce residents’ energy costs by as much as 20%, which helps reduce resident turnover.


Upgrade thermostats to new, smart thermostats. Smart thermostats come in programmable and Wi-Fi varieties and can help residents reduce related energy costs by as much as 10-13%. These cool enhancements are also an essential part to the smart home, attracting tech-savvy tenants, and a key component to projecting an eco-friendly image.


Check the humidity level in vacant residences to limit mold growth and ensure the HVAC system is running smoothly. If the humidity level is not within the acceptable range of 30-60%, service the system and consider adding an energy recovery ventilation (ERV) system. ERV systems regulate humidity, saving on energy costs by unburdening the HVAC system.

Energy Saving
energy saving tips for your Residents

Help your residents understand how they can lower their electric bills. Informative tips tell residents that you care about their well-being, which leads to less turnover. Here are some helpful tips you can start sharing today:

  • Change HVAC filters every 90, 60 or 30 days depending on occupancy. Single occupants should change filters every 90 days.
  • Choose the right temperature. Every degree above 72 decreases energy costs by as much as 3% in the summer.
  • Open the windows to circulate fresh air throughout the apartment, particularly when the temperature outside is desirable.
  • Monitor the system and let facilities know if there are any issues. Regular maintenance is key to minimizing heating and AC costs.