How to Install a Hand-Held Shower Unit

1-2 hours

Bring the convenience of a shower to your bathtub by installing a hand-held faucet

Install a Hand-Held Shower Unit

If your bathroom only has plumbing set up to accommodate a bathtub, but you long for the convenience of a shower, have no fear! This guide will teach you how to install a hand-hell shower unit using your existing plumbing.


Screw on the diverter spout
Screw diverter spout - How Install Hand-Held Shower Unit

Tip: You may need to remove the pipe coming from the wall and replace it with a shorter pipe before attaching the spout.

• Begin by installing the tub, or diverter spout.
• Wrap the pipe threads with Teflon tape and screw on the spout.

Drill holes for the mounting bracket
Drill holes mounting bracket - Install Hand-Held Shower Unit

Tip: If you are drilling through ceramic tile, first nick the surface with a hammer and nail. Then drill using a masonry bit.

• Hold the shower bracket where you want it to go and mark it for the screw locations.
• Drill holes for the plastic anchors.

Attach the bracket and shower line
Attach bracket shower line - Install Hand-Held Shower Unit

• Tap plastic anchors into the holes and attach the mounting bracket with screws.
• Snap on the bracket cover.
• Screw the flex line to the top of the spout and then to the shower head in the bracket.