How to Install a Tub Spout

Under 2 hours

Install a new bathtub spout in just three easy steps

Install a Tub Spout

Whether you’re installing a tub spout in a new bathroom, or just replacing an old fixture, installing a tub spout is a simple home improvement project that requires only a few tools and materials, and is fairly easy to complete. This guide will demonstrate what you need to do for this quick fix-it project.


Remove the old spout
Remove old spout - Install Tub Spout

• If necessary, turn off the water and open the faucet so all the water can drain out of the spout.
• Check under the spout to see if there’s a setscrew. If so, loosen and slide it off the spout. If there’s no setscrew, use a pipe wrench to unscrew the spout from the threaded pipe.

Install the new spout
Install new spout - Install Tub Spout

• Liberally apply joint compound to the pipe thread.
• Slide the new spout over the pipe, making sure it’s snug to the wall, and tighten the screw. If it’s a threaded pipe, screw on the spout by hand.
• If it needs further tightening, put tape over the teeth of the water-pump pliers to prevent scratching, and tighten until the spout is snug.

Caulk along the spout
Caulk along spout - Install Tub Spout

• Run silicone caulk around where the spout touches the wall, wiping off the excess.
• Allow the caulk to dry before turning the water back on and using the new spout.