Installing a Coacial TV Cable

1-2 hours

Get cable TV in any room of your home by installing a coaxial TV cable yourself and save money

Installing a Coacial TV Cable

It sure would be nice to have cable TV in that spare bedroom you've converted into an office.

This guide highlights the steps for installing a coaxial TV cable, including splitting the entry cable and running new cable to the cable TV jack.


Install signal splitter for entry cable
Signal splitter entry cable - Coacial TV Cable

• Attach one end of the new coaxial cable to an outlet nipple on the splitter.
• Anchor the splitter to a framing member with drywall screws.

Run coaxial cable to the location of the new TV jack
Run coaxial cable location TV jack - Coacial TV Cable

• Use fish tape to snake the cable through a finished wall.
• Keep the new cable at least 6 inches away from electrical wiring to avoid signal interference.
• If you’re working with new construction, mark the floor so you can find the cable easily after the walls are finished.