Irrigation Risers

Risers are an important component of any irrigation system

Irrigation Risers - Buying Guide

Risers fill the gap when main lines of irrigation systems don’t connect directly to sprinkler heads.

Types and Materials

Consult the chart below for information about irrigation riser types and corresponding materials:

Riser Type Materials Points to Consider


  • Metal
  • PVC
  • Best for short distances


  • Polyethylene
  • Provide installation flexibility
  • Can be trimmed in 1/2" sections


  • Polyethylene
  • Allow movement to reduce stress on sprinkler heads
  • Provide greater length

Installation Considerations

  • May need to use threaded elbow joints to make the process easier by allowing you to make sure that the riser is straight without having to bend it or put any extra stress on pipe.
  • Place sprinkler heads close enough to sidewalks and driveways that the grass on the edge receives sufficient water.
  • Even flexible pipe should be installed as straight as possible to prevent it from snapping back into position and dislodging sprinkler head.
  • Look for joints that feature female threads on one end and male threads on the other for maximum flexibility


  • Flexibility. Flexible risers bend for easier positioning and minimal chances of breakage.
  • Customization. Cut-off risers allow you to customize their length by removing sections for the best fit.
  • Length. Usually covers short distances, but can provide longer connections if needed.