How to Make a Pot Rack

1-2 hours

Build a stylish and functional pot rack to hang in your kitchen

Pot Rack Workshop

If you’ve been struggling with kitchen storage space, think vertical! This DIY pot rack allows you to display your pots and pans proudly overhead, making them more convenient to access and freeing up cabinet space.  

Click here for a video that can guide you step-by-step through this project.



cut lumber
Cut lumber - Make a Pot Rack

• Measure, mark and cut the two boards according to this cut diagram using the circular saw.
o On one 1 x 4-inch x 8-foot board: 5 sections, each 18 ½ inches wide
o On the other 1 x 4-inch x 8-foot board: 2 sections, each 42 inches wide
• Smooth any rough ends with sandpaper

Homedepot Image
Assemble the frame
Assemble the frame  - Make a Pot Rack

• Lay the two 42-inch wood sections horizontal and parallel standing on their 1-inch sides.
• Place two of the 18 ½-inch wood sections vertically standing on their 1-inch sides between the two 42-inch sections and flush with the ends.
• Clamp in place.

add inner boards
Add inner boards  - Make a Pot Rack

• Secure the 42-inch boards to the 18 ½-inch boards by using a 1/8-inch drill bit and pre-drilling two holes through the 42-inch boards and then using two 2-inch screws in each end.
• Align a third 18 ½-inch wood section vertically in the center of the frame (about 21 inches in), pre-drill holes and attach with screws.
• Split the remaining difference in half on both sides of the center piece for the fourth and fifth 18 ½-inch boards. (The boards should be about 10 ½ inches apart on center). Pre-drill holes and attach with screws.
• Optional: Use a stainable/paintable wood putty to fill in screw heads.

Add inner boards  - Make a Pot Rack
Paint or stain (optional)
Paint or stain  - Make a Pot Rack

If desired, paint or stain all the lumber prior to adding hardware.

Install Hardware
Install hardware  - Make a Pot Rack

• Using the drill and the #6 5/8-inch screws, add the robe hooks to desired locations on the frame.
• On the top of the frame, from each of the four corners, measure 1 ½ inch down the 42-inch boards and pre-drill a hole. Screw in the four eye bolts for hanging.

Hang from ceiling (optional)
Hang from ceiling  - Make a Pot Rack

• Install ceiling hooks in desired location.
• Depending on ceiling height, hook the pot rack eye bolts directly into ceiling hooks, or use the desired length of cable, chain, or rope to suspend the pot rack from the ceiling hooks and through the pot rack eye bolts.