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category #08 group #812

The most compact unit in the industry is also the most productive. The self-propelled TA18HD provides a comfortable aeration speed up to 4.2 mph and easily fits through narrow gates. Small but mighty, the TA18HD provides the best quality of core in the compact aerator category pulling 15% more cores per square foot for better results.  This unit is easy to rent with a fold-down handle, removable weights, tie-down brackets and side lift handles. Classen… Serious lawn care made easy.

PRO Aerator

category #08 group #893

Legendary performance, uncompromising durability and Easy Steer Technology make lawn aeration quick and easy. Enjoy the productivity of non-stop aeration. Easy steer tines help steer the unit during aeration for quick and easy turning and maneuvering around flowerbeds, trees and other landscape features. This easy to steer unit aerates a 19” swath and covers over 32,000 sq. ft. per hr.

Towable Aerator

category #08 group #813

Perfect for aerating large open spaces. Holds up to 24 gallons of water to increase weight to 200 lbs. Width of coreing patch 52".


36V Handheld Blower

category #08 group #909

With zero emissions and lower noise, this cordless blower is a welcome solution for clean-up applications. The blower delivers longer run time, increased power and speed, and longer tool life.

Handheld Blower

category #08 group #908

Ideal for lawn and garden work. Soft grip for less vibration, and convenient cruise control lever for reduced operator fatigue. 4-stroke engine requires no fuel mix.

Backpack Blower

category #08 group #828

Ideal for clearing up large debris, wet or dry leaves and grass clippings. Easier starts, padded straps and back panel for improved comfort and reduce operator fatigue. No fuel mix required.

Walk Behind Blower

category #08 group #819

Little Wonder OPTIMAX blowers outperform the competition for moving mountains of leaves, stubborn debris, standing water, preparing asphalt or flat roofs for resurfacing, or for any job that requires hurricane-force air! Durable, solid-steel construction, commercial-grade Honda (r) engine and exclusive features help you get the job done faster.


36V Cordless Chainsaw 14"

category #01 group #125

With zero emissions and lower noise, this cordless chainsaw is great for cutting and trimming applications. Users get high power efficiency that is equivalent to a gas chain saw.

Electric Chainsaw 16"

category #01 group #020

Ideal for light household projects and yard work within reach of a power source, such as trimming, pruning and light cutting. Mid-sized electric chainsaw engineered with professional features. Electric chain brake for maximum productivity.

Gas Chainsaw 16"

category #01 group #021

Easy-to-start, mid-sized chainsaw engineered with professional features perfect for small trees, medium-sized limbs and brush. Compact and lightweight design provides easier control during use. Engineered with smooth rounded surfaces for comfort, reducing operator fatigue.

Gas Chainsaw 20"

category #01 group #024

Ideal for heavy duty applications of cutting down trees, clearing brush and chopping logs. 64cc chainsaw offers power and jobsite flexibility not found in the electric chain saw. Advanced vibration dampening system engineered to reduce vibration and operator fatigue.

Fence & Post Tools

Gas Post Driver

category #08 group 927

Drive T-posts, fence posts or signposts into the ground with a post driver. Save time while completing a tough job.

Post Hole Digger

category #08 group #826

Digs up to a 6" diameter hole. Fiberglass handles are 4’ long. Blades are sharpened carbon steel to assist in cutting through sod and compacted soil.

1 Man Auger

category #08 group #820

One-person operated auger, perfect for fencing, decks and landscaping applications. Designed to dig up to an 8" diameter hole in a variety of soil classifications.

1 Man Flex Cable Auger

category #08 group #821

Perfect for applications such as fencing, decks, landscaping, sign erection, soil sampling and horizontal boring Features a unique operator handle which reduces body fatigue, while capable of digging holes 8 in. in diameter and a depth of 30 in. Easy Start / Compression release.

2 Man Auger  

category #08 group #822

Two man hole digger that provides a productive solution for fencing, decks and landscaping applications Perfect for digging holes up to 18 in. in diameter.

Towable Hydraulic Auger  

category #08 group #823

With its heavy duty construction, variable speed forward and reverse auger rotation, the HD99 can easily dig with any auger up to 18 inch diameter. The HD99 is designed to take the load off the operator by being almost perfectly balanced with our 8 inch auger attached, and the right angle design eliminates torque to the operator. Comes equipped with a towbar.

Lawn Mowers

Lawn Mower

category #08 group #809

21" push mower with side discharge chute. Zone Start operator remains behind steering handle at all times. Easy Start / Compression release.

Self-Propelled Lawnmower

category #08 group #808

Self-propelled with speed automatically adjusting to operator pace. 22" cutting width for greater productivity. 1"– 4" adjustable cutting height for precision mowing.

Large 30" Self-Propelled Mower

category #08 group #885

30" wide mowing deck saves time when mowing large spaces. Contractors and homeowners seeking a lawn mower with a user-friendly design and excellent mulching capability will enjoy using this mower.

Lawn Conditioning Tools

Lawn Roller

category #08 group #833

Erases damage to your lawn caused by the freeze or thaw cycle in addition to flattening mole and ant hills. Holds 270 lb. when filled with sand or water. Large diameter for easy pushing or hookup behind a tractor for towing.

Power Sweeper

category #08 group #899

Uses ECHO's Pro Attachment Series™ power source to be a commercial-grade power sweeper. Over 22" wide sweeping swath for quick, efficient work over large areas. Utilizes .028" diameter concave nylon bristles for operation in any weather conditions.

Power Rake

category #08 group #814

Perfect power rake for landscaping pros. the Classen TR-20 Turf Rake makes quick work of lifting lawn choking thatch from the soil surface instantly allowing air, water and nutrients to reach grass root systems. Variable speed eliminates operator fatigue. Operates in forward and reverse.


category #08 group #810

The Classen TS-20 turf overseeder makes seeding a new lawn or overseeding an existing lawn quick, easy and rewarding. The TS-20 overseeder has a 20 lb. seed box capacity and easily fits through gates as narrow as two feet. A fold-down handle provides compact transport. Classen... serious lawn care made easy!

Self Propelled Overseeder

category #08 group #879

The Classen TS-20 turf overseeder makes seeding a new lawn or overseeding an existing lawn quick, easy and rewarding. Classen... serious lawn care made easy!

Lawn Tools

Peat Moss Spreader

category #08 group #835

Used to spread peat moss or compost material. Great sifting action allowing only the desired material to enter the lawn keeping the trash inside the drum. 24" wide 18" diameter all steel construction.

Wheel Barrow

category #08 group #850

Heavy duty 6 cu ft wheelbarrow. 16" 4-ply "knobby" tire equipped with zerk fitting. 18 gauge folded steel tray.

Sod Cutters

Sod Cutter

category #08 group #844

Precise cutting of sod using 18" width cutting blade. Ideal for relocating or repositioning sod, expanding or establishing flower beds and creating walkways and patios.

PRO Sod Cutter

category #08 group #854

The Classen PRO Sod Cutter with hydrostatic drive makes sod cutting quick and easy. The unit's compact design, 18-inch blade and vibration isolation system take the fatigue out of sod cutting. A rear swivel wheel makes cutting shapely curves and tree rings easier too. And, you'll get to and from the work area faster with the PRO Sod Cutter's industry leading transport speed. Classen... serious lawn care made easy.

Trimmers & Edgers

36V Hedge Trimmer

category #08 group #910

This trimmer combines the convenience and portability of gas with zero emissions and less noise you would expect from corded electric models. The 25-1/2" blade provides you the capability for larger projects. You can expect up to 60 minutes of run time off a single charge.

Electric Hedge Trimmer 30"

category #08 group #837

Little Wonder crafts the finest, most durable hedge trimmers in the world. Little Wonder electric hedge trimmers have been the choice of landscaping professionals since we invented them in 1940. You won't find a more durable hedge trimmer on the market, than Little Wonder hedge trimmers.

Gas Hedge Trimmer 30"

category #08 group #839

Gas-powered with long reach and sharp blades for the ability to complete work with ease. Includes commercial-grade cutting blades and vibration reducing engine mounts for operator comfort.

Gas Hedge Trimmer on Pole

category #08 group #862

Gas-powered with long reach and sharp blades for the ability to complete work with ease. Includes commercial-grade cutting blades and vibration reducing engine mounts for operator comfort. Articulating gear case allows blade adjustment in 15° increments with a total range of 180°.

Power Pruner

category #01 group #026

Provides extra-long reach for fast, easy, and safe tree pruning in those hard-to-get at applications. ƒEquipped with branch extractor for easy removal of troublesome branches. Extends from 107" (8' 11" to 146" (12" 2") for a variety of cutting lengths.

36V String Trimmer

category #08 group #911

With zero emissions, lower noise and considerably less maintenance, the cordless string trimmer is a welcome solution for landscapers. This string trimmer rotates in the same counter-clockwise direction as professional-grade trimmers, and uses industry standard spindles (M10x1.25 LH) for added convenience. The efficient brushless motor delivers up to 60 minutes of run-time on the low setting on a single charge.

String Trimmer

category #08 group #882

Powerful, gas-powered trimmer for heavier cutting close to edges, trees, rocks, steps and any area that is too irregular for a lawnmower. At only 10.9 lbs., the trimmer is lightweight and easy to move throughout the yard. Engine able to be inclined to any angle even during continuous operation.

Brush Cutter

category #08 group #880

Cuts weeds, high grasses, bushes, shrubs, underwood, thicket and more. Delivers strong brush-cutting performance for the toughest applications in a lightweight, easy-to-use design. "Tool-less" handle with easy adjustments allow for more operator control while working.

Bed Maintainer

category #08 group #872

Used for re-defining the edge in flower and mulch beds. Ideal for homeowners and commercial users. Works 7x faster than a shovel.

Lawn Edger

category #08 group #816

This wheeled edger is designed to cut edges quickly and efficiently - up to 90 feet per minute! User-friendly with fingertip controls and a ratchet-arm height adjustment system for fatigue-free operation.

Bed Edger

category #08 group #855

This bed edger will help define and shape landscape flower beds. The edge created will also prevent mulch from washing out into the yard. Zero turn steering makes shaping borders easy.

Hydraulic Brush Hog

category #08 group #930

Ideal for rough terrain, hills and high brush. 26" wide, pivoting deck for easy operation in uneven terrain. Variable speed and hand controls in forward and reverse.

Tree & Branch Removal Tools

Chipper 4"

category #08 group 852

Chop branches into mulch or chips with a chipper. It can be used to dispose of branches around the lawn or job site after regular maintenance, storms, shrub or tree trimming, etc. The resulting mulch can be used for other projects around the yard.

Compact Stump Grinder

category #01 group #027

Perfect for small stumps and areas with tight access. Lightweight—easy to load and unload. Rubber gaskets between the handle and frame help reduce vibration and operator fatigue.

Stump Grinder 13 HP

category #01 group #097

Well balanced, easy to operate, for superior cutting performance. Lift handles for easy loading. Rubber gaskets between the handle and frame help reduce vibration and operator fatigue.

Chipper/Shredder 2"

category #08 group #859

Chips up to 2" diameter limbs, as well as leaves, twigs and clippings. Resulting chips have many applications: mulch, compost, pathways. Portable and safe chipper that can be moved to the wood; making the job easier and quicker.

Log Splitter

category #08 group #870

With a 790 lb. frame, a high carbon wear-alloy wedge and a 6"x25 lb. wide flange beam, this splitter is built to endure. The knife plate features high wear nylon pads. Torsion axle suspension reduces bounce and improves tracking and towability when transporting. The cushion mounted log cradle is designed to snap out of the way when using the splitter in the vertical position. Safety is standard with a mandatory two-handed control system, cushion mounted log cradle and spring loaded cleaning wedge.


Light Duty Tiller

category #08 group #803

Intended for tilling small areas or garden beds that have previously been tilled. Lightweight, easy to use and efficient for personal gardeners. Very easy to start.

Mantis Tiller

category #08 group #801

Capable of slicing through the hardest soil and clay as well as bringing rocks to the surface. 9" width and 10" tilling depth make it perfect for home garden beds.

Mantis XP Tiller

category #08 group #901

Lightweight and much easier to maneuver than large front tine and mid tine tillers. 16" width and 10" tilling depth allows for faster garden preparation and planting.

Mid Tine Tiller

category #08 group #805

Great for tilling midsized garden beds. Maneuverable and transportable from site to site. Side disks allow tilling alongside buildings, sidewalks and paved driveways.

Hydraulic Tiller

category #08 group #806

Makers of the world's first all hydraulic tiller, the heavy design of the Barreto E1320HX means your tiller works for you instead of tossing you around. Weight, balance, stability and tine speed allow this tiller to work where others can't. Counter-rotating tines help break up the most difficult soil, clay or sod. The wheel drive and tine drive work independently of each other to allow your tilling travel speed to be adjusted to the soil conditions. The operator friendly controls couldn't be easier: one handle to set the tine drive and one to adjust the wheel drive. If you need to stop for a moment, just let go of the clutch lever and the tines and wheels will stop, leaving your engine running and ready to pick up where you left off.

Rear Tine Tiller

category #08 group #807 

Heavy duty tiller, ideal for ground that has not been tilled previously. The powered wheels take the task of pushing the tiller off the tines, leaving the machine to do all the work. Three speed transmission with reverse.


Landscape Trencher 13"

category #08 group #857

Compact and simple to operate mini-trencher. Used for installing water lines, irrigation, low voltage electrical, etc. Adjustable cutting depth 0–13".

Cable Installer

category #08 group #856

For the installation of low voltage wiring such as underground pet containment fences and landscape lighting. Identify any underground services before using this so that water lines, irrigation, etc aren't damaged. Caster steering on the rear wheels makes this unit easy to maneuver around turns and/or landscaping.

Trencher 18"

category #10 group #440

The T-4 is a small, operator propelled, chain-type trencher designed for jobs requiring up to an 18" trench in a short period of time.

Hydraulic Trencher 18"

category #08 group #864

This machine is designed for digging trenches in "normal" ground of reasonably soft dirt and stones up to 3" (15cm) in diameter. It utilizes a load sensing hydraulic valve to adjust the trenching wheel speed to the load on the digging chain.

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