Lawn Care & Maintenance Tips

Lawn Care Tips

Lawn Care tips

Take your lawn from seed to elite

Follow Our Lawn Care & Lawn Maintenance Tips for Great Results

Whether you’re planting new grass or maintaining an existing lawn, read our lawn maintenance project guides for expert tips and techniques to help ensure a beautiful, long-lasting lawn. 

Growing from Seed
Starting a new lawn from scratch is not a difficult endeavor, especially if you take time to plan your steps and complete the steps in order. The first step is removing the existing grass and top soil, followed by spreading and tamping the grass seed and proper watering. 

Lawn Care Maintenance
Keeping your lawn lush and green can be managed with proper attention to detail. Applying fertilizer with a lawn spreader and regular watering with a lawn sprinkler will yield good results over time. Regular mowing with an appropriate sized lawn mower will also help keep your lawn looking great. Aerating in the fall enables you to prepare your yard for the colder months, followed by lawn renewal in the spring. 

Common Problems
You may find, from time to time, problems that make keeping your yard in tip-top shape a challenge. Bugs, insects, weeds, drought, shade and sunlight may affect your yard in varying degrees. Our lawn care tips will certainly help you with your quest to master DIY lawn care. 

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