How to Lower pH in a Pool

Learn how to balance the pH in your pool and avoid skin irritation

Learn how to balance the pH in your pool and avoid skin irritation

Keeping your pool water properly balanced keeps it comfortable for swimming and protects your equipment from damage. Water with a high pH level reduces chlorine's effectiveness, which can lead to other problems like cloudy water and algae buildup.
Saltwater pools often use salt chlorinators which can promote a high pH if not carefully monitored. The pH in chlorine pools can increase naturally over time or as a result of too many pool chemicals. High pH can also be caused by regularly using calcium or lithium hypochlorite chlorine products in the water.
Fortunately, lowering pH in pool water is a simple task. Read below for instructions on how to balance the alkalinity levels for a clear and healthy pool all season long.


What You Need

Test the PH

• Test your water's pH and total alkalinity using a pool water testing kit.
• The pH level should be between 7.2 and 7.6.
• The total alkalinity should be between 80 ppm and 150 ppm.
• If the levels are too high, you will need to lower your water's pH.


Safety: Always wear protective clothing, including goggles or safety glasses and rubber gloves, when using pool pH-reducing products to re-balance the water.

If using a dry acid:

• Follow the dosage directions and spread the product in the deepest part of your pool while the pump and filter are running.
• Using a pool brush will help ensure the product is evenly dispersed and will help break up any undissolved clumps. 
• In some instances, pre-dissolving may be required to avoid surface discoloration. Follow the label instructions accordingly.

If using muriatic acid:

• Follow the dosage directions and slowly pour the product into your pool. Make sure to avoid spills and splashes.
• Always apply pH balancing chemicals with the pump and filter running, unless otherwise stated.
• In some cases, you may need to mix and dilute the product. Follow the label instructions accordingly.

Wait and Re-Test

• After applying the product, let the pool water to circulate for at least two hours.
• Test the pH again and add more product if needed.
• Once the water is properly balanced, you may resume regular use.