Easy Ways to Clean and Maintain Countertops

1-2 hours

Keep your kitchen and bathroom countertops looking shiny and new for years to come with just a few simple tricks

Countertop Care and Maintenance

Kitchen and bathroom countertops are the focal point and most often used part of their respective rooms. This guide will show you a few easy steps to take to keep those counters looking spotless, despite regular use.


Preventative measures
Preventative measures - Countertop Care Maintenance

Kitchen countertops are most often damaged with hot appliances or knives. Invest in a large cutting board and thick pot holders to protect your surface.

Pre-clean - Countertop Care Maintenance

Dust or sweep off any crumbs or residue before using a cleaning agent to ensure you get the best clean.

Clean the surface
Clean the surface - Countertop Care Maintenance

• Clean the countertop surface with a damp, nonabrasive cotton cloth and a mild liquid detergent or household cleaner.
• Rinse with clean water.
• Dry the surface with a fresh cotton cloth.

Clean remaining stains
Clean remaining stains - Countertop Care Maintenance

• If a stain remains, apply a paste of baking soda and water to the area.
• Allow the paste to pull out the stain.
• Don’t rub the paste because it will be slightly abrasive.
• After a few minutes, wipe the paste away and rinse with clean water.
• Grout stain may be necessary to restore the original grout color for stained tile countertops.

Scrub light scratches
Scrub light scratches - Countertop Care Maintenance

• Use a scrub sponge for light scratches on your solid surface countertop.
• The material should be slightly tougher and more abrasive than a regular sponge, but not enough to scratch your surface further.
• Add soap and water and buff until the scratch disappears.

Resealing granite and marble countertops
Resealing granite and marble  - Countertop Care Maintenance

•You may need to reseal your granite or marble countertop after a certain amount of time.
• As a general test, add a few drops of water to the surface of your countertop.
• If the water absorbs into the stone under 3 to 4 minutes, it may need sealing.
• Choose a strippable sealer, which will protect your countertop and can be easily removed. 
• Buff it in until you have a nice, shiny surface.