How to Make a Christmas Centerpiece


Decorate your table with a beautiful Christmas wreath

Spruce up any tabletop with a Christmas centerpiece using a wreath and candles. Download a PDF version of this project.


Flock the wreath
Flock the wreath - Make Christmas Centerpiece

• Lay the wreath flat and spray the flocking spray straight down onto the wreath. This will create a realistic look of snow with the heaviest coating on the top portions of the wreath.
• You can layer the flocking spray to create a look of thicker snow.
• Once you finish with the spray, set the wreath aside to dry for at least four to six hours so the spray can harden.

Assemble the centerpiece
Assemble the centerpiece - Make Christmas Centerpiece

• After your flocking spray has dried, the next step is to begin to assemble the centerpiece.
• Group a few of your LED votives in the center of your flat circular tray or cardboard.
• Place your wreath over the candles so the edge of your tray is completely hidden.

Tip: It’s best to use an odd number of three or five candles for the best look.

Add decorations
Add decorations - Make Christmas Centerpiece

• Use ribbon and small ornaments to add color to the centerpiece.
• Try to spread an even amount around the entire centerpiece. You don’t need much, just enough to add some extra color.

Tip: Reflective ornaments are a nice way to add more sparkle.

Add more light
Add more light - Make Christmas Centerpiece

• Add in the rest of your LED votives, mixing short and tall votives together.
• Using LEDs with a soft yellow light gives a nice, warm look, but any LED candles will do the trick.

Safety: We recommend using only LED candles, as traditional candles can be a fire hazard in the middle of the centerpiece.

Make it snow
Make it snow - Make Christmas Centerpiece

• Lastly, add some more snow and sprinkle the instant snow around the centerpiece.
• Try to fill up any empty spots as you give it that finished snowy look.