How to Make Ornament Garland

1-2 hours

Decorate around the house using Christmas ornaments with this unique garland

Don’t let Christmas trees have all the fun – string ornaments together to create unique garland that can be used to decorate around the house.

This guide will show you the simple step-by-step process to bring this holiday decoration to life.

Download a PDF version of this Martha Stewart project here.


Cut and fold wire
Cut and fold wire - Make Ornament Garland

• Using wire cutters, cut a piece of wire 55 inches long.
• Fold 2 inches of wire over at one end and slip through a washer.
• Twist wire to secure washer in place.

Glue ornaments
Glue ornaments - Make Ornament Garland

Glue each ornament top to the ornament to secure in place.

Thread wire through ornaments
Thread wire through ornaments - Make Ornament Garland

Begin making the garland by threading the wire through the top of one ball ornament.

Continue stringing ornaments
Continue stringing ornaments - Make Ornament Garland

• Continue to string ornaments, creating a pattern of different ornament designs.
• When all the ornaments have been strung, thread a washer over the open end of the wire.
• Position the washer to sit about 2 inches from the last ornament.
• Fold the remaining wire over and twist to secure the washer in place.
• Snip off any excess wire.
• Garland should measure about 45 inches long when complete.

Create decorative pendant
Create decorative pendant - Make Ornament Garland

• Create a decorative pendant for the ornament garland.
• Choose a round ornament that hasn’t had a cap glued on, and remove the cap.
• Using an awl, poke a hole in the bottom of the ornament.

Wire pendant ornament
Wire pendant ornament - Make Ornament Garland

• Loop a length of wire through the cap of a separate decorative ornament, and then thread both ends up through the round ornament’s bottom hole so that the wire comes out of the top.
• Thread the wire through the cap and place the cap back on the ornament.
• Pull the wire to draw the two ornaments together and twist to secure.

Hang garland
Hang garland - Make Ornament Garland

Use hooks to hang the garland and pendant on a mantel or around the house.