How to Make a Star Christmas Card Holder

Under 2 hours

Display your greeting cards in DIY style with a decorative card holder

Follow this guide to learn how to make a Star Card Holder using using a craft board you’ve already prepared.

It’s a great way to organize and share all of the warm greetings from friends and family. Download a PDF version of this project.


Measure the star
Measure the star - Make Star Holiday Card Holder

• Use the five nails to hammer in the points of the star, being careful not to hammer the nails in all the way. Leave about ½ inch of nail exposed above the board.
• The top nail will be on the top board centered at 10 inches from each edge.
• The next two nails will be on the third board down 1 inch in from the side.
• The last two nails will be on the bottom board 2 inches in from each side.

Create the star
Create the star - Make Star Holiday Card Holder

• Use your twine to create the star shape. Start by tying your twine to the bottom left nail.
• Take the twine up and wrap it around the top nail, down to the bottom right nail, up to the left middle nail, then across to the right middle nail.
• Finally, take the twine back to the bottom left nail and tie it in place.

Add your cards
Add your cards - Make Star Holiday Card Holder

Add all of your Christmas cards using clothespins and enjoy the warm greetings from family and friends.