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Top 10 OSHA Violations of 2019

#1 - Fall protection - general requirements
#2 - Hazard communication
#3 - Scaffolds - general requirements
#4 – Lockout and tagout
#5 - Respiratory protection

#6 - Ladders
#7 - Powered industrial trucks
#8 - Fall protection - training requirements
#9 - Machine guarding
#10 - Personal protective and lifesaving equipment - eye and face protection

Professional Solutions


OSHA’s first- and eighth-position violations in 2019 involve fall protection. Safeguard your workers. Prevent injury and death with strategic planning, effective training and proper fall protection equipment.


Eye and face protection is OSHA’s tenth most cited violation for 2019. Shield workers from flying objects, heat, splashes, vapors, dust and intense light with appropriate face protection and eyewear.


Violations involving chemical safety claim second position on OSHA’s list. Check your workplace’s precautions. Make sure you have proper chemical labels and correct safety data sheets for effective hazard communications that identify dangers and keep personnel safe.


In third position, OSHA identifies general requirements for scaffolding. This includes all elevated, temporary work platforms. Follow safety standards, and choose professional scaffolding solutions to guard against collapses, falling objects, electrocution and other job-site dangers.


Lockout/tagout, or LOTO, violations occupy fourth position. These safety measures protect against exposure to dangerous machines, steam and electricity. Stock and maintain lockout kits to protect your workers.


Lack of and improper use of respiratory equipment occupies OSHA’s fifth position for 2019 violations. Be familiar with the safety regulations that govern your industry, provide appropriate respiratory masks and help keep your workers safe.


Violations involving ladders were in sixth position for 2019. Make certain your workers know how to operate step, platform, multi-position and extension ladders properly. Also, double-check that your business provides the right ladder for the job.


Powered Industrial Trucks

Powered industrial truck violations were seventh place on OSHA’S TOP 10 violations list in 2018 and 2019. The best ways to protect employees from machine hazards are to train all employees by best practices and choose the right equipment for the job site.

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