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Protect your home from a wide array of unwanted creatures with effective do-it-yourself pest control products. Whether you’re dealing with vermin inside or outside the comforts of your home, we offer a selection of sprays, powders, foggers, traps and more to help end and prevent infestations of bed bugs, fleas, mosquitoes, ants, roaches, mice and other pests.

Put an End to Bed Bugs
Protect your mattress, box spring, carpet and the rest of your bedroom with our stainless and odorless bed bug sprays. If you’re not sure whether your bedroom is infested with bed bugs, our insect traps – ranging from adhesive strips to inceptor cups – can detect and monitor any bed bug activity without chemicals. Don’t forget to dress your bed with our bite-proof mattress encasements, which also help fight allergens, moisture, pet dander and stains.

Have a Mosquito-Free Summer
During the warmer months, enjoy relaxing in your backyard without worrying about pesky mosquito bites with repellents and treatments. Add larvicide to any standing water in your yard to prevent mosquito eggs from hatching. Don’t use it in your pool for safety reasons.

Try torches and candles to guard your family from mosquitoes during the night and add a stylish accent to your yard for parties or barbecues. If you’re looking for an alternative to mosquito sprays, wearable mosquito repellents are non-toxic, long-lasting solutions for everyone including pregnant women and children above 3 years old.

Non-toxic Indoor Pest Control
If you’re searching for non-toxic DIY pest control treatments for indoors, try applying a thin layer of food grade diatomaceous earth anywhere inside your home including cracks, crevices, window frames and cabinets. Made from crushed, fossilized algae with no harsh chemicals, the kid- and pet-friendly diatomaceous earth is soft to the touch for humans but razor-sharp for ants, fleas, roaches and other crawling insects invading your home.