2020 BEHR Color Palettes


Revitalize your spaces inside and out with the 2020 color palettes curated by BEHR®.


The Worldhood palette combines rich hues and depth. The array of warm tones create cozy, inviting spaces.

BEHR recommends the Worldhood palette for hotels, businesses and restaurants.


The green and blue colors in Restore are purposefully reminiscent of the outdoors. This soft, cool palette is calming and creates serene spaces. 

BEHR recommends Restore to single-family, hospitality and healthcare properties.


Atmospheric combines modern and traditional influences in pastels and neutrals. The juxtaposition of dusty lilac against the darker gray creates a dynamic color scheme. 

BEHR recommends Atmospheric to multifamily communities and commercial buildings.

Pro Tip

Clean, bright building exteriors are one of the key ways to boost your curb appeal. Modern colors are especially effective at appealing to younger demographics.

Making the Right Color Selection

How to Create a Color Palette

Three colors are required for an aesthetic: a main, a trim and an accent. Save brighter colors for accents and opt for neutrals in your main spaces. Mix and match colors from any of the collections above to suit your own color needs. Craft your own palette using The Home Depot ProjectColorâ„¢ app to browse and match colors.

Combining Interior and Exterior Colors

Use complementary colors to create a cohesive aesthetic for your building. A simple way to make sure your color choices match interior with exterior is to use at least one common color. For example, use S360-6 Secret Meadow for your exterior trim and the same color as an interior accent. Hospitality and multifamily properties can repurpose main exterior colors for common spaces like cafeterias or gyms.

Satin vs. Matte Finish

Matte finishes are best suited to low-traffic areas such as guest rooms or residential units. They are good for uneven walls because they mask imperfections like holes or patches but more likely to stain. Satin finishes are recommended for high-traffic areas like lobbies, offices or common areas. They are stain-resistant and provide more durability in high-traffic areas. The extra gloss, however, accentuates wall imperfections.

Pro Tip

Make common rooms look larger with light, cool colors. Use warm colors to make patient rooms, residential units or guest rooms feel safe and cozy.