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The New Pro Xtra

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Pro Xtra is a free-to-join loyalty program built
for Pros. Sign up in participating stores at the
Pro Desk and start earning today.

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Pros get more with The Home Depot Pro Xtra Loyalty program

New Benefits for Pro Xtra Members

New Pro Xtra Perks

Pro xtra perks

Every dollar you spend gets you closer to rewards like Pro Xtra Dollars (a digital Home Depot gift card) or a Tool Rental Perk.

New Bonus Perks

Bonus perks

Enjoy special offers, like a free drink or snack — it’s our way of saying thanks for your loyalty throughout the year.

How to Get the Most Out of the Program

After you've signed up for Pro Xtra, take advantage of your new benefits with these three easy steps:


During checkout, use your Pro Xtra Virtual ID to instantly track and earn on every purchase.


Use the app to track your progress — see how far you’ve come and how close you are to your next Perk.


Your Pro Xtra Perks and Bonus Perks are at your fingertips — all in one spot — in The Home Depot app. 

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As a Pro Xtra Member, Enjoy all these benefits: Pro Xtra Perks, Purhase Tracking, Exclusive Offers, Volume Pricing, Paint Rewards, Text2Confirm

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Perks?
Rewards unlocked by Pro Xtra members as spend increases throughout the year. At each Perk threshold, choose from a selection of Perks that work for you and your business.

Will Perk thresholds change after this year?
Yes! Pro Xtra is celebrating the first year of Perks with special Perk thresholds.

How do I sign up for Perks?
To enroll in Perks, register for a Pro Xtra account in-store at a participating location. Once enrolled, Perks can be earned and used anywhere.

Which cities and markets are participating in Perks registration?
•  Salt Lake City, Utah metro area; Boise, Idaho and surrounding areas
•  Atlanta, Georgia
•  Austin, Texas
•  Orlando, Florida

How can I earn more Perks?
By spending with Pro Xtra. When you are in-store make sure to identify with a Pro Xtra ID or registered tender. If you are shopping online, log into a Perk qualified account and register a credit card or debit card to accrue Pro Xtra spend.

Where can I learn more about Perks?
Visit the Pro Xtra Terms & Conditions on
For any other questions regarding Perks or Pro Xtra, please contact Pro Xtra Customer Care at 866-333-3551 or