Preparing for a Home Inspection


Get peace of mind before a home inspection by following the 5 steps below

Preparing for a Home Inspection

As a homeowner who’s planning to sell, it’s important to think about what a certified inspector will look for when he or she visits your home with a potential buyer. To help ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible, consider the following factors.


Make minor repairs
Make minor repairs - Preparing Home Inspection

• Replace burnt-out light bulbs.
• Fix plumbing leaks.
• Install clean air filters in your heater and air conditioner.
• Hire a professional to clean your chimney.
• Fix all appliances (if they are included in the sale).
• Check for mold and mildew under counters and in closets, the basement and the attic.
• Repair any visible water damage.

Prep outside
Prep outside - Preparing Home Inspection

• Unlock exterior doors for easy access.
• Clear debris from gutters and downspouts.
• Trim shrubs away from the foundation.
• Make your outdoor crawl space accessible.
• Open the garage.
• Remove cars and store or move items in the garage so there is at least 3 feet of clearance from the walls.

Prep inside
Prep inside - Preparing Home Inspection

• Pull down attic stairs and remove anything blocking them.
• Empty the attic.
• Move boxes and furniture away from the electrical box, furnace and water heater.
• Turn on all utilities.
• Ensure that the electrical-box cover can be removed easily.

Full disclosure
Full disclosure - Preparing Home Inspection

• Keep repair and service records and invoices on hand.
• Present documentation and permits for your pool, deck, basement renovation or home addition.
• Disclose any shortcomings, such as leaks or roof problems.

Inspection day
Inspection day - Preparing Home Inspection

• Find a place to send your children and pets.
• Make sure that your Realtor has all the documents, if you plan to be out.
• Keep out of the way until your help is needed, if you plan to stay.