Pressure Washer Rental

Electric Pressure Washer

Electric Pressure Washer

category #10 group #602
Ideal for light-duty projects, such as patio furniture, screens, lawn care equipment and vehicles. Great choice for cleaning where a gas-powered machine isn't practical. Perfect for cleaning the exterior of your home, vehicles and garden equipment.


Gas Pressure Washers

2000-2700 PSI Pressure Washer

category #10 group #102

Ideal for medium-duty projects, such as deck restoration, surface prep and concrete cleaning. Gas powered, professional-grade tool that offers both ease-of-use and maximum durability. Designed for easy mobility and travels easily from jobsite to jobsite; ensure usage in a well-ventilated, outdoor setting.


3500-4000 PSI Pressure Washer

category #10 group #104

Ideal for heavy-duty projects, such as mildew removal, sanitation, large areas and industrial jobs. Professional-grade, high-capacity gas pressure washer that tackles complex jobs. Pair with the Surface Cleaner tool in order to dramatically reduce project time.


Pressure Washer Accessories

Extension Wand 18'

category #10 group #169

18 Foot extended reach wand for pressure washers. With the extended reach wand it keeps the user on the ground verses using ladders for safety reasons. Can be used to clean all hard to reach areas: excellent for siding, house eaves.

Driveway and Surface Cleaner

category #10 group #103

Ideal for cleaning large surface areas, such as driveways, sidewalks, decks and patios. Cleans faster and easier than with a standard cleaning nozzle. Utilize with the 3,500 PSI pressure washer for optimal results.


Pressure washers are convenient tools to have when removing paint, dirt or mold from any number of objects around the home. The Home Depot offers a complete rental selection of pressure washers to choose from including electric, gas, as well as hot or cold water models to help you complete projects big and small. Looking to do a little spring cleaning? One of our lightweight electric pressure washers is the perfect cleaning tool for decks, patio furniture, grills and countless other outdoor surfaces. And while you’re at it, you can also give the car, truck or boat a quick cleaning, too. You can also rent gas powered pressure washers ranging up to 3500 PSI for heavy-duty cleaning jobs like sidewalks and driveways, or if you’re planning to sell your home, a thorough cleaning of your home’s siding can add a lot of value and curb appeal. Whatever your outdoor cleaning needs call for, you can count on your local The Home Depot Tool Rental Center for the equipment you need.