Raised Bed and Edibles

1-2 hours

Build a raised garden bed for home-grown fresh vegetables all summer

One of the most wonderful things about summer is being able to harvest vegetables, fruit and herbs from your own backyard.

Today, we are going to help Stephan add a garden to his home. Stephan's house is in the city. There is not much room for gardening, which makes a raised bed perfect for his situation.


Locate a sunny spot for the garden bed

• Raised beds are great for yards with poor or compacted soil. It will sit on top of the ground, so Stephan can easily add good soil and amendments.
• First thing Stephan needs to do is to find a sunny spot where he wants his garden to be installed. Then he will make sure to measure out the area...accurately.
• For Stephan's garden, building a raised bed from a kit is going to be the easiest option. Kits are great because they are easy to install, created to resist warping, and come in many shapes and sizes.
• They can be combined or customized anyway you like by adding extra parts, some even can be stacked to make deeper beds.

Assemble the garden bed kit

• First, Stephan will assemble his kit and make sure it sits on level ground. Then, he is going to cut two different layers to fit the bottom of the bed.
• The first is a bed liner which prevents weeds and grass from growing into his garden from below.
• The second is a hardware cloth to keep out gophers and moles.

Calculate how much soil is needed

• There's a bit of math that goes into calculating how much soil you need to buy at your local Home Depot store. To figure out how many cubic feet of soil will fill the bed, you can use the formula: Length x Width x Depth. For Stephan, this comes out to be 30-cubic feet of soil.
• The kind of soil that you add to a raised bed is going to be important in sustaining the health of your plants. We recommend using a mix of 75-percent topsoil and 25-percent screened compost. At this time, you can also choose to add slow release fertilizer.

Add plants, and then water them

• After that, Stephan is ready to add the plants he wants to grow. Make sure that they are planted far enough apart and at the proper depth for them to have room to grow.
• With some water and a bit of attention, this raised bed garden is going to be a great addition to Stephan's house and he is all set to build more raised beds in the future.
• If you’re looking for more tips on gardening, you might want to check out the other videos on Homedepot.com.
• And remember, you can always stop by Home Depot with more of your questions or to get some more DIY coaching from a helpful associate.