Replace Carbon Monoxide Detectors



Stock the right replacement CO detectors for your properties.

Replacement CO Detectors

State legislation1 requiring CO detectors is active in nearly every state. These laws cover properties ranging from single-family and multifamily homes to care facilities, hotels, schools and dormitories. Most regulations require CO detectors be battery operated or include battery backup.

Protect the people who depend on you without breaking your budget. Plan a regular audit and stock the right CO detector replacements.

CO Detectors

The National Fire Protection Association recommends a CO detector be installed outside sleeping areas on every level of the home².

Pro Tip


Detectors with a hush feature can silence replacement beeps for three days. The hush is a great tool to limit disturbances to your employees, guests 
or residents. If your current detectors do not have a hush feature, consider replacements that do.

Save More With the Right Safety Detector

Make the most of your investment with 10-year sealed battery CO detectors. These alarms provide the highest levels of safety for your occupants and reduce annual maintenance costs because there are no batteries to replace.

Cost Comparison
Standard CO Detectors
10-Year Sealed Battery CO Detectors

Average life

10 years

10 years

Cost per alarm



Replacement batteries

$3.50 per battery


Total battery replacement cost



Annual labor costs  



Total lifetime cost

$55 + Annual labor


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