How to Install a Pedestal Sink



How to Install a Pedestal Sink

Most pedestal sinks actually hang from a bracket attached to a mounting brace (or framing) in the wall; the pedestal is only a secondary support. And, whether you’re replacing a sink in a small bathroom, or looking for an attractive, streamlined option that will show off the style of your entire bathroom, installing a pedestal sink is a project most experienced do-it-yourselfer can tackle in a day.

This guide will show you how to install a new pedestal sink in your bathroom in seven simple steps.


Install the mounting brace
Install mounting brace - Install Pedestal Sink

• Follow manufacturer’s instructions for locating the sink brace.
• Cut a hole in the wall spanning from stud to stud, and then cut a piece of 2×8 to fit snugly between the studs.
• (Optional) Move the stop valves closer to the trap, in order to hide them behind the pedestal.
• Attach the brace with angle-driven screws.
• Patch the hole, sand smooth, and paint.

Attach the mounting bracket
Attach mounting bracket - Install Pedestal Sink

• Assemble the sink on top of the pedestal and hold against the wall to mark for the position of the mounting bracket.
• Anchor the bracket by driving screws into the 2×8 inside the wall. Check that the bracket is level as you attach it.

Set the sink
Set the sink - Install Pedestal Sink

• Install the faucet, most of the trap, and the pop-up assembly onto the sink. Set the sink onto the bracket.
• Check that the pedestal will fit; you may need to adjust the position of the bracket.

Attach the plumbing
Attach the plumbing - Install Pedestal Sink

Connect the trap and the supply lines. Turn on the water and check for leaks.

Install pedestal
Install pedestal - Install Pedestal Sink

If necessary, lift the sink a bit as you slide the pedestal in place. Check again for leaks.

Bolt pedestal to the floor
Bolt pedestal floor - Install Pedestal Sink

Secure the pedestal to the floor with the bolts or nuts provided. Snug the screws, but don’t tighten too much or you could crack the pedestal.

Connect the basin to the wall
Connect basin wall   - Install Pedestal Sink

If the sink attaches with screws, drill pilot holes first, then insert and alternately tighten the screws until snug – but don’t over tighten.