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Style Talk

How Can I Decorate My Tree Like a Professional?

1) Choosing a pre-lit tree is the quickest way to get started. 2) If you prefer a freshly-cut tree, place it in a tree stand and wait 24 hours until the branches fully fall in place; test the lights prior to hanging to confirm they are working. 3) Design your decor around a holiday theme like the frosty wonderland shown. 4) Place topper on the tree. 5) Working from the top, wrap the tree in ribbon or holiday garland. 6) Hang collectible and large ornaments, fi ll open areas in with smaller ornaments. Finish with a tree collar or skirt.

How to Organize Your Linen Closet

Shelves and baskets are the easiest way to tame a messy closet. Tips to maximize your space include: 1) Fold towels in thirds lengthwise, fold in half, then fold in half again 2) For multiple sheet sets, neatly store each set in a pillowcase and organize the sets by bed size 3) Roll up bulky, heavier items like comforters and bath sheets, and place in floor-level baskets 4) Less is more, so edit and purge items every season

How can I create a fun & spooky Halloween table setting?

By following these simple tricks you’ll treat everyone to an eerily good time. Set the scene with a table runner, dinnerware, napkins and flatware in black and orange hues. Up the spooky effect with candlelight in multiple shapes. Last but not least, invite a few skeletons and creepy crawlers to boo out your guests.

Spooky Style Tablescape

How can I sleep cooler?

These ideas will lower your room and body temperatures for a cooler, more restful sleep. 1) Install a ceiling fan with the blades rotating counterclockwise. 2) Switch out the bedding for ones made from cotton and bamboo. 3) Hang blackout shades and curtains. 4) Sleep on a gel-infused memory mattress topper and bed pillow. 5) Keep an icy cold beverage within reach.

How can I work from home when I don’t have a dedicated office space?

If you’re short on space, try carving out an area in the corner of a living room, bedroom, attic or basement, and follow these steps to make it conducive for work. (1) Fill in the blanks with a compact desk, cushioned accent chair and if space permits, a multi-shelf bookcase. (2) Get creative with storage baskets, trays and wall shelves. (3) Hang pendant lights to free up room where a desk lamp normally sits. (4) Mix in framed photos, a task board, plush rug and greenery. Now you’re all set to power through the workday.

How can I make my bathroom feel more like a spa?

For starters, opt for soothing hues on the walls and vanity area. Consider installing a towel warmer rack like those found in day spas and European resorts. Bring in fluffy towels, aromatherapy elements, natural bamboo accents, baskets and a bathtub caddy for a relaxing and rejuvenating oasis.

How can I prep my spare bedroom to make guests feel at home?

With the right decor and amenities, any room can transform into a comfortable, cozy getaway. In addition to tidying up and making space in the closet for hanging clothes, here are a few thoughtful ideas to make your guests feel like they never left home.

How can I give my room its own personality?

For starters, define your sleep or study space by wallpapering one wall with an eyecatching peel & stick print. Next, add a soft rug to unify both areas. Stage a wall shelf or bookcase near the desk to keep supplies within reach. Surround yourself with inspirational artwork, fi ll the air with essential oils and tell the Google home device to turn up your favorite playlist.


The Gordon Sofa, 4 Ways

How can I maximize storage throughout my home?

Beyond closet space, there’s more ways to store in a home than one might think. For starters, declutter what you do not need and organize what’s left by utilizing freestanding pantries, baskets and other smartly designed solutions.


How can I mix and match patterns in the bedroom?

The key to blending patterns is all about balance. Choose prints with similar elements like color, style or scale. The first pattern should be oversized so it makes the strongest statement. Additional patterns should be half the scale of the first, and include complementary colors. You’ll want to mix in solid color accents to keep the final look from overwhelming the eye.


How do I furnish a small dorm room so it feels more like home?

Prioritizing the comfort level is the best way to make a small dorm space feel uncluttered and inviting. Choose comforting pieces to remind you of home. Soft bed linens, a cushioned chair, plush rug, wall decor, photo collages and hideaway storage maximize the homey appeal of a college dorm.



How do I prep my bedroom for warmer temperatures without sacrificing style or comfort?


During the summer months, layers of breathable linens and plump pillows are key to getting a full night’s rest. Draw the curtains, cue the ceiling fan and sleep easier all season long.















How do I update my home for the spring season without spending a lot of time or money?


Bring in the shades of spring with pillows and throws in brighter colors. Open windows and switch out curtains for sheers to really let the light in. Simplify the amount of decor and opt for colorful artwork. Also, a fresh coat of lighter paint can really make a difference.


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