Vertical Succulent Garden Project Guide

Hang your succulent garden with a whimsical vertical planter

Under 2 hours

Take your love of succulents to new heights with this simple DIY planter. Just a few boards and some chicken wire is all you need to hang your garden high for all to see.

What You Need



measure and mark
Measure and mark

Measure and mark the boards according to the below cut list:

From the common board:

• Two 24-inch top/bottom sections
• Two 12-inch side sections

From the plywood:

• 25 ½- x 12-inch rectangle

Cut diagram
make cuts
Make cuts

• Use a circular saw to cut along the marks you just made.
• Smooth any rough edges with a sanding block.

paint or stain (optional)
Paint or stain

• Paint or stain all cut pieces and crates prior to assembly.
• Allow to fully dry.

build the frame
Build the frame

• Place the top and bottom 24-inch boards horizontal, parallel, and standing on their 1-inch ends.
• Align the two 12-inch side segments so that one is on each left and right side of the 24-inch segments and forms the shape of a frame.
• Using the drill and 1/8-inch drill bit, pre-drill two holes per corner from the outside of the side segments into the ends of the top and bottom segments.
• Use two wood screws per corner to attach the side segments to the top/bottom segments.

attach wire and landscape fabric
Attach wire
Attach landscape fabric

• Roll out chicken wire and use a heavy-duty stapler to staple one end of the chicken wire inside of the frame along the top.
• Press the wire so that it is flush and taut to the opening of the frame and secure with staples along the inside of the bottom.
• Use a pair of wire snips to cut the excess chicken wire once secured to both top and bottom.
• Repeat with the landscaping cloth so that it is secured with staples beneath the chicken wire on the frame.
• Trim excess cloth with scissors.

fill with soil
Fill with soil

With the wire side facing down, fill the frame with potting soil.

attach plywood back
Attach plywood back

• Place the plywood on top of the frame.
• Attach to all sides using the brain nailer.

attach eye hooks
Attach eye hooks

• Stand box on the bottom and pre-drill centered holes two inches in from the left and right ends through the top of the frame.
• Screw in eye hooks for hanging.

add plants and hang
Add plants and hang

• Lay box flat on its plywood back.
• Using scissors or a knife, cut or punch a small hole in the landscape fabric beneath the chicken wire holes.
• If needed, use your fingers to expand the hole in the fabric in order to get a plant’s roots inserted beneath the landscaping fabric and into the soil below.
• Insert plants through the chicken wire hole and into the soil beneath the landscaping fabric.
• Water and allow the plants to adjust to their new home with the box sitting flat.
• After a few days, hang your beautiful new planter and enjoy!

Tip: Remember, succulents require very little water. You can either water using a spray bottle or lay the box flat when it’s time to water.