How To Plant Summer-Flowering Bulbs

1-2 hours

Add a touch of the tropics with flowers that bloom in the peak of summer

Summer-Flowering Bulbs

Summer-flowering bulbs such as canna, gladiola, dahlia and calla lily are great for spectacular colors and fabulous foliage in your garden midsummer through early autumn.
The best time to plant these bulbs is in the spring. This guide shows you how.


Planting conditions
Planting conditions - Plant Summer-Flowering Bulbs

In early spring, plant summer-blooming bulbs either in the ground or in a container. Some bulbs, such as tuberous begonias, do better in the excellent soil and drainage provided by containers.

Prepare soil
Prepare soil - Plant Summer-Flowering Bulbs

• Prepare soil for summer-blooming bulbs by turning it over to a depth of 18 inches.
• Work in plenty of compost or Sphagnum peat moss to improve soil texture and drainage.
• If soil is compacted or full of clay, work in a spadeful of sand as well.

Position the bulbs
Position the bulbs - Plant Summer-Flowering Bulbs

Position the bulbs, pointed end up, to the depth specified on the bulb’s label or tag.