Window Treatments with Top Down-Bottom Up Lift

Maintain privacy but with the option of a clear view with this lift option on blinds and shades

Top down-bottom-up allows you to lower your shade from the top-down or raise it from the bottom up. It’s useful when you are looking for an unobstructed view out of your window, but still want to maintain privacy.

Top down-bottom up shades can be operated with a standard pull cord, continuous cord loop, cordless or motorized controls. 

This guide will help you understand the options with top down-bottom up blinds and shades.

Honeycomb Cellular

The most popular top down-bottom up shade style is the honeycomb cellular, which offers the best light control and privacy. 

For the best light coverage, add hanging pleats at the top of your window. When the blinds are lowered from the top, small cords can be seen holding it in place, which can slightly obstruct your view. 

To avoid these complications, consider the Smart Fit or Trilight variations.


Smart Fit blinds

Smart Fit: For a more complete and uninterrupted exterior view, choose top down-bottom up with Smart Fit. This innovative product moves the holding cords to the outside edge of the window. The result is a less obstructed view compared to the original design. Smart Fit also minimizes the light leakage at the top of the shade.

Trilight blinds

Trilight: Another variation on the top down-bottom up uses a combination of sheer shades and either cellular or Roman shades. Instead of a completely clear gap when the top is down, there is a sheer shade that lowers to fill the space. This adds even more privacy and light control to your shade choice. 

Cordless Trilight shades are also child safe because they lack the exposed cords that could pose a strangulation hazard to small children.