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Magic Chef has your space-saving laundry solution with top and front loading washers, dryers and combo washer dryers. Their compact size makes them perfect for apartments, condos, vacation homes and small laundry spaces. Stainless steel inner drums are durable and resist rust. A variety of cycles lets you choose the best one for your smaller laundry loads. Our compact, top loading washers come with a quick connect kit that allows you to connect your washer directly to your faucet. Choose the load size and the washing machine will select the correct water level. The built-in filter is easy to clean and catches any foreign objects like coins. The compact electric dryers use a standard 110-Volt outlet which eliminates the need for special wiring that is required with most dryers. Dryer control panels are located on the front and are easy to use. Protect your clothes by choosing the correct drying temperature for fabrics. To save space, you can place select dryers on a countertop, specific laundry rack or wall-mount it with the included kit. Magic Chef’s compact all-in one-combo washer and dryer is the ultimate space-saving solution. Ventless condensing drying doesn't require an external venting source which gives you more flexibility in placement. (Please note that the condensing drying times will be extended compared to traditional vented electric or gas dryers.) 16 different cycles to choose from include delicate, heavy duty, normal, quick wash and de- wrinkle.

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