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Bio Bidet emerged in this business by recognizing the enormous potential of bidets and the benefits they would bring into each household. Our passion for bidets leads us to push existing boundaries to develop innovative products that exemplify immaculate bathroom hygiene. Each model was carefully designed by our team of brilliant engineers to maximize cleansing abilities with an array of features. Although each model is different, they all have one thing in common: Superior cleansing abilities. Breakthrough innovations like the 3-in-1 Nozzle and the Hybrid Instant Heating System are why our products are a step ahead and excel in comparison with standard cleansing technologies. With long-standing relationships with various suppliers, we are able to obtain the best technologies available for each part for the best price and we pass those savings onto you, our customer. These close relationships also make it swift and easy to resolve any issues we come across by working directly with our suppliers to address them. At Bio Bidet, we firmly believe in standing behind our products. Our warranty is straightforward, and we do not consider a job complete until you are 100% happy. The beauty of our business structure allows us to focus on individualized attention for each customer without reading from a handbook. Bio Bidet – Water does it better!

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Prodigy Smart Toilet Bidet SystemProdigy Smart Toilet Bidet System
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