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The Dreadful Dreams Collection

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Bring nightmares to life in your neighborhood with the pieces in the Dreadful Dreams collection. Playing on fears and phobias, this collection offers everything from spine-tingling spiders to creepy clowns and other scream-inducing characters. Realistic designs and detailed finishing provide thrills and chills to your visitors and trick-or-treaters. Welcome guests to your home or yard with creepy arches and flickering lights that bring out the best and scariest of the season. Durable frame construction brings the Dreadful Dreams collection to life year after year, letting you haunt the nightmares of your friends over and over again. Constructed with weatherproof materials, many of the decorations in this collection are ready for outdoor use and plug in easily to your standard home outlets to light up the night or emit piercing screams. Choose slithering snakes or all manner of creatures to highlight your Halloween display. Authentic detailing has guests wondering if your decor is real, while oversized profiles tower over your guests with terrorizing impact. Find items in the Dreadful Dreams collection that deliver the chilling effect you're looking for to scare friends and family long after they've left your home.

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