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Feit California Compliant Mini Reflector 12 Volt LEDs Bulbs

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Feit Electric is a California company that’s been working to provide you with better energy efficient lighting for over 40 years.  Now we’re offering you NEW California Compliant Mini Reflector 12 Volt LEDs Bulbs especially designed for California’s latest Title 20 Application Efficiency Standards or Title 24 Appendix JA8 Building Code Standards that stress high-efficiencies, performance and energy savings.  Feit Electric’s highest quality California compliant energy efficient lights, Enhance LED light bulbs, feature a superior Color Rendering Index (CRI) than a typical LED light bulbs so your reds, greens, and all other shades appear vibrant and natural - making your living area look just the way it should. Experience the difference in how appetizing food looks, the appearance of your skin, home décor and more. Now you can enjoy beautiful light with the exceptional performance and energy efficiency you expect to be used in landscape and any matching 12 volt sockets. Don’t get left in the dark with the ever changing lighting regulations, shopping light bulbs is made easy with Feit Electric. You will be amazed at the difference you can see by changing out your light bulbs.
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