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Trimaco Drop Cloths

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Choosing the right drop cloth doesn’t have to be hard! Trimaco offers a range of speciality drops for a variety of job types including large scale painting jobs, or simple DIY touch ups. Heavy duty drop cloth options provide leak resistant protection and are ideal for jobs and projects with lots of paint and stain spills. These include Trimaco’s Eliminator, Stay Put Canvas Plus, Buty II, Rubber Duckie and Old School Heavyweight Butyl Drop Cloth. Dependable, medium weight drop cloths provide immediate leak resistance, we recommend cleaning up spills to avoid surface damage. Ideal for light paint jobs, DIY projects, moving and more! These include Trimaco’s Smart Grip Canvas, One Tuff, Double Guard, 8oz, 10oz and 12oz Canvas Drops and the Stay Put Vinyl. Lastly Trimaco’s lightweight options provide light leak resistance, and are ideal for light touch ups, DIY projects, furniture and shrubbery covering. Lightweight drops include the Paper/Poly, Eco Drop, Plastic drops and the 6oz Canvas Drop Cloth.

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