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Trimaco Heavy Duty Surface Protectors

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Trimaco offers a wide selection of heavy duty protection products to protect all types of surfaces and floors during construction, remodeling projects or paint jobs. From temporary board products, to reusable FR and corrugated plastic options. Trimaco's floor protectors provide superior protection against spills, paint splatters, heavy foot traffic, machinery and more! Explore our Heavy Duty Surface protectors ranked from lightweight durability, to heavy duty durability: First up, X-Paper: A heavier alternative to traditional builder’s paper. Trimaco’s Stay Put Surface Protector is a light, leak and resistant surface protector that has a grippy backing- keeping it in place. X-Board is a heavy duty board that provides leak and impact resistance, but is also breathable to allow floor to cure. A step up from X-Board is Trimaco’s FloorShell, a heavy duty board that provides the same features as X-Board but is roughly 2x as thick. Tack Back and the SuperTuff Surface Protector provide leak and impact resistant, however Tack Back features an adhesive backing. X-Plastic is a traditional corrugated plastic board, and provides leak resistance, impact resistance and dust free protection. Lastly, Trimaco’s Aqua Shield is available in 10mil, 25mil and 40mil options. All sizes provide leak and slip resistance. Aqua Shield is also flame retardant, dust free and breathable. The 40 mil and 25 mil options are impact resistant.

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