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For cutting thick branches or dense, dead wood, rely on a Corona pruning saw. Pruning saws are best suited for cutting medium to large branches and roots that are too thick for hand pruners or loppers. One-handed use and a slim, tapered blade make cutting in restricted work areas easy and efficient. For extremely fast cutting, professional landscapers and homeowners alike choose Corona RazorTOOTH Saw® technology, which removes up to twice as much material per pull stroke than conventional hand saws. Not just for gardening and landscaping, pruning saws that fold into a locked position are an ideal multi-purpose tool for outdoorsmen, campers, backpackers, hikers and ATV riders to cut wood and clear brush on the go. Cushioned handles, precision teeth and durably forged steel blades combine to ensure these pruning saws offer comfort and efficiency that last season after season.

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