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Explore Your Local Garden Center at a Home Depot Near You. Get inspired to upgrade your plants and landscaping.

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The Home Depot Garden Center at Alamo Heights

Frequently Asked Questions About Gardening

Why are my plant's leaves dying?

Plant leaves might turn dry, brown, yellow, or discolored for many reasons. Sometimes it's disease or pests, while other times it's a water or sun issue. Potted plants dry out quickly, but you can also get discolored or dying leaves if you water too little or too much. Also, check for garden pests such as tomato worms and take appropriate measures if you think your soil is harboring a bacteria or other microorganism that's harming your plants.

Will my flowers bloom again?

When and how long your flowers bloom depends on the flowers themselves, the climate, and the growing conditions. Some flowers cycle through many blossoms for months, while others give an explosion of color twice a year. Trim and deadhead your plant to get more flowers. Except for cacti, few plants thrive in extremely high heat or long periods of drought, so do some research or ask an associate if your garden is struggling in the summertime.

How do I know where to put my plants?

To start, read and follow the recommendations on the plant tag. It'll tell you the spacing, depth to plant it, size of the mature plant, and other details. Some plants get targeted by harmful worms or slugs, others are delicate and may easily scorch in the sun, and a few plants thrive on neglect or need special soil blends. Also, pay attention to how big the plant will get and give it enough space to flourish without crowding other plants in the garden. For additional info on a plant, speak with a garden specialist at your Alamo Heights store or research it online.

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