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Home Services at The Home Depot

Outdoor Structures and Fencing
Outdoor Structures and Fencing

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Here at the Albany, OR Home Depot we are proud to offer a variety of home services in Albany-Corvallis, OR. From heating and air conditioning services to countertop installation and carpet installation, our contractors will do it for you!

With our Albany professionals you can rest assured they will provide reliable work because they are certified and insured. From helping repair your garage door opener to assisting in remodeling your bathroom, our professionals are happy to lend a hand.

You can find us southeast of US-20 and I-5, off Exit 233 of I-5 near the Walmart. Stop by to consult with our associates, who can answer questions about the home services we offer and how to get started. The Home Depot can walk you through the whole project journey. We also provide design services for upgrades such as bathroom remodeling and countertop installation to help you pick the right products and styles for your townhouse. For some programs, such as window installation, you'll schedule a free in-home consultation.

At the Albany, OR Home Depot, we are so much more than a garden store. We are your local installer, here to do it for you.


The Albany-Corvallis, OR Home Services Team

HVAC Contractors
Heating and air conditioning systems typically last 10 to 20 years. As your unit gets older, its efficiency can decrease and it may need repairs more frequently. Because HVAC technology improves over time, a system older than 10 years is likely ready to be upgraded to a more energy-efficient unit. Our knowledgeable air conditioning and heating pros can provide an in-home estimate for the cost of have a new HVAC system installed.

Whole-Home Air Purifier Installation
With options such as air purifiers, dehumidifiers, air cleaners, and humidifiers, The Home Depot is your solution for whole-home air purifier installation. Our local heating and air installers have the expertise and knowledge to provide an air quality evaluation for your house to help identify your specific air quality issues and recommend an indoor air quality solution.

Countertop Installation
If you need your countertops replaced, we can help. We offer a variety of countertop surfaces and edges in an array of colors. Our in-store kitchen designers will help you choose countertops that fit your needs. Our Albany, OR countertop installers will ensure your new countertops fit perfectly in your kitchen.

Shed Installation
We can build and install custom sheds in a variety of materials and styles. From small storage buildings to large durable outdoor structures, our Albany installers can build a storage shed that is customized to your needs.

Solar Panel Installation
Investing in residential solar panels is easy! During your free in-home consultation, The Home Depot’s local solar power installer will explain the installation process and the benefits of solar installation, such as lower electricity bills and low-maintenance solar panels. The number of solar panels and the power system are customized to your home and its needs.