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Home Services at The Home Depot

Mechanical Home Systems

Mechanical Home Systems

Home Services Details

Our professionals at the Intown (Richmond) Home Depot are proud to offer an array of home services from door installation to hardwood flooring installation and water heater installation.

From helping replace your old countertop to assisting in updating your bathroom, our pros are pleased to oblige. With our Glen Allen pros you can rest assured they will provide efficient workmanship as they are insured and certified.

Hey, Glen Allen, if you're interested in learning more, come visit us! Stop by to consult with our store associates who can answer questions about the home services we provide and how to begin. We can walk you through the entire process. We also provide design services for updates like bathroom installation and blinds installation to help you choose the ideal products and styles for your décor. For certain programs, such as heating and air conditioning, you'll schedule a free in-home consultation.

At the Intown (Richmond) Home Depot, we are so much more than a hardware store. We are your Glen Allen installer, here to help you from start to finish.


The Richmond, VA Home Services Team
Which design styles are popular for a kitchen remodel?
Our kitchen remodel service is the perfect opportunity to incorporate your personal style and taste into your home, without the hassle of doing it yourself. With numerous features, materials, and colors to pick from, it can seem overwhelming to pick a particular style. Our experts can help you identify your needs and create a cohesive look. Some popular design styles for kitchen remodels include modern, perfect for those who enjoy sleek lines and an open concept, mid-century, which combines bold finishes and geometric shapes, as well as the boho style, an eclectic look that mixes different patterns, colors, and textures.
Does window installation include trim?
The Home Depot offers two options you can choose from when having your windows replaced. The first option is a pocket installation, which consists of placing a new window into an existing frame. Utilizing this window installation method, your current trim remains in place and no changes are made. This option is good for those looking to save money as there are no additional labor charges related to replacing trim. The second option is a full-frame window installation and includes installation of an brand-new window frame as well as the trim. With this method, the entire frame and all trim is removed, making room for your custom designed windows. When the window installation is complete, our professionals will cut, paint, or stain any interior or exterior trim to complete your home's new look.
Does The Intown (Richmond) Home Depot install closets?
The Home Depot proudly offers closet installation services. Let us help you get your home office, bedroom closet, garage, or pantry organized and reclaim valuable space in your home through our custom organization solutions. Our design consultants will assist you in creating a truly unique storage solution and guide you through the various available options.
Can generators run in the rain?
Depending on your generator type, it may or may not be possible to run your generator in the rain. We offer whole-house generator installation services that are designed to safely provide backup power to your home during inclement weather. Whole-house generators are built with a protective covering and are hardwired into your home's gas line, making them safe to use during storms. Let our experts handle your generator installation and remove any worries. Whole-house generators are different from portable generators that do not have a protective housing and can be damaged by water.
Will a bathroom remodel increase the value of my home?
A bathroom remodel can be a great investment if you're interested in increasing your home's value. More modest remodels, such as updating a vanity, may only lead to a minimal increase, while a complete renovation can have a major impact on your property's value. Remodeling your bathroom should be based on your needs and lifestyle, as the condition of your bathroom is just one of many factors that influence your home's value. During your FREE bathroom remodel consultation, our experts will assist you in selecting the most impactful changes to make in your space.

Home Services Cost Guides

Kitchen Remodel Cost

Kitchen with brown subway tiles and cabinets and white floor
Renovating your old kitchen is one of the best investments you can make in your home. Not only can a new kitchen increase the value of your home, but it also creates an inviting space for entertaining friends and family. Project costs will vary depending on several factors such as the kitchen size, your chosen materials, and labor costs where you live. Read our kitchen remodel cost guide to learn more.

Door Installation Cost

Black front doors with white frame open on grey house
Update your old doors and give your home a fresh new look this season. New doors can boost your home's curb appeal and freshen up the interior as well. Pricing for door installation can vary and will depend on the type of door you need, whether it's an exterior, interior, or patio door, and the region of the US you live in. For more info on pricing read our door installation cost guide.

Closet Installation Cost

Bedroom with organized closet and pink walls
Get organized with a custom closet by The Home Depot. Utilizing all of your available space can help you regain valuable square footage and make your home more inviting. Closet installations are constructed according to your needs so total costs will vary. The size of your space, the mount type you choose, and the drawer style you select can all affect the final price of your project. Get details on our custom closet installation cost guide.

Bathroom Remodel Cost

renovated bathroom with blue tile wall and grey plank floors
Upgrade your old bathroom and give one of the most important areas of your house a new look this season. While master bathroom improvements are usually high on a homeowner's priorities, powder room and guest bathroom updates should also be considered. The materials you choose, the style and size of the tub, and needing to fix previous water damage can all increase the total cost of your project. Explore more info in our bathroom remodel cost guide and let us make your next renovation an enjoyable experience.

Fence Installation Cost

Woman and man standing in front of an installed fence in yard
Keep your family safe and increase your home's curb appeal with a new fence installed by our professionals. With a broad variety of styles and materials to choose from, navigating all of the options can seem like an overwhelming process, but we've got you covered. Elements that may increase the price include the style of fence you choose, your home's location, and the size of your yard. Explore more in our fence installation cost guide.

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