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12 Gal. Heavy-Duty Flip Tote in Grey

  • Impact resistant, strong construction
  • Good for storage or distribution
  • For commercial or residential use
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Product Overview

This 12 Gal. Flip Tote features a strong and reliable construction, making it impact resistant. Metal hinges interlock for stacking strength and security. This heavy-duty tote is ideal for storage, distribution and order picking on job sites, or even storing stuff in your garage.
  • Weight Capacity 50 lb
  • Dimensions: 21 in. L x 15 in. W x 12in. H
  • Metal hinged flip cover for better stacking capabilities
  • Great for commercial customers, business owners, homeowners, etc.
  • Padlock eye provides security option
  • Metal hinged flip cover for better stacking capabilities
  • Stackable for maximum storage and nestable when empty
  • Note: product may vary by store

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12 Gal. Heavy-Duty Flip Tote in Grey
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Product Width (in.)1519.6117.5
Lid/Top MechanismHingedDetachedDetached
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Product Depth (in.)
Product Height (in.)
Product Width (in.)


Color Family
Lid/Top Mechanism
Pack Size
Storage Capacity
12 GA-Gallon
Storage Features
Durable,Heavy Duty,Nestable,Stackable,With Lock
Storage Product Type
Storage Bins and Totes
Weight Capacity (lb.)
50 lb

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Questions & Answers


Are the stated 12x21x15 dimensions correct? Width is most important to us; we need something no ...

Asked by Customer January 15, 2020

The width at the exterior top rim is 15-5/16", interior is 14-5/8".

What type of plastic is this made out of?

Asked by Btg287 December 15, 2019

why is the 8 pack 103 dollars when individually they are 10 dollars?

Asked by Jaroo June 18, 2018

I ordered at the store, asked for the $10 price and got it.

Is the width measured at the top and does it include the flip lid when closed ?

Asked by Maureen February 5, 2018

yes width measured is at the top and it includes the flip lid

Could this be filled with sand and not break? (150 lb)

Asked by nickname December 11, 2017

who is going to carry 150 lbs.?

What is the weight limit capacity on this item?

Asked by Rick September 17, 2017

i do not think i can give you a straight answer. i have loaded these as where i could not move myself. many others were loaded at my barely capacity to lift. i have purchsed over 100 of these, and "no" i am not exagerrating! so far i have only 3 to give out on me. 1 too much weight stacked on top. 1 not enough weight in, so another damaged. 3rd i drooped and it kinda broke! it was loaded way to heavy. in short i hv been very happy with my purchases. i am still using some of them today. just buy 1 and test it out for your neexs. g9od luck.

Is this waterproof? Plan to fill with water for two weeks as a swamp cooler for homebrewing fermentation.

Asked by Conor July 29, 2017

If they are not punctured, cracked or worn through, they are water tight below the rim, but the lid does not seal. I have used them to soak burlap and hold shucked corn in water at the county fair......also they are nearly 100 lbs full of water, so you will not want to move it while it is full of water.....

Is it waterproof?

Asked by Owl April 13, 2017

no, and no way to add a gasket.

Who is the manufacture? I would like to see if these are the same as the widely used commercial v...

Asked by DanNEBTD December 28, 2016

These are not the same as the commercial version used to deliver retail mixed lot goods. These are much flimsier with lightweight hinges. With very thin shells they warp quickly, and will crack with any loading.

Is this container style available in black?

Asked by DS September 29, 2016

I have only seen in gray color.

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Medium duty at a good price.
These are advertised as heavy duty, gray color but I would label them medium duty. Mine came in chocolate color. They are a little flimsy but work well considering the price. For heavy duty and the same size, I recommend Akro-Mils 39120, heavy duty, better quality but more money
by Frank
Medium Duty at a good price.
These are advertised as heavy duty but I would label them medium duty. They are a little flimsy but work well considering the price. For heavy duty, I recommend Akro-Mils 39120, better quality but more money.
by Franco
Over the years I have purchased about a dozen of these to store professional photography equipmen...
Over the years I have purchased about a dozen of these to store professional photography equipment, bottles of film developing chemicals, books, business records, etc. So I feel like I can say a few things about them. Yes, in theory, they are stackable, but the weak link is the hinge area - it can't take much of a load. I have had several collapse and they always broke along the hinges. If you are going to stack these, do yourself and buy some strips of Poplar. These can be found in the pre-cut wood area of Home Depot. Lay two strips of wood the long way along the top of the tote (there is one pair of gaps on each flip top). That way the wood carries most of the load, not the hinges. When you are in the store, turn each tote you intend to by upside down then hold it up to the light. That way you can see if there are any cracks or thin areas where the plastic did not flow quite well in the mold during manufacturing. I learned the hard way about this when one of the totes I was using to store photography chemicals leaked when of the chemical bottles leaked! The very reason I was using these totes was to PREVENT chemical leaks in my house. I was very fortunate that the photo chemical that leaked did not do any damage to the carpet and when it dried was easy to vacuum up. BUT if one of the other chemicals would have leaked, the carpet and floor could have been ruined and I would have been kicked out of the house! Terry Thomas Professional Photographer Atlanta, Georgia USA
by AtlantaTerry
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Sturdy, reliable, and perfect size storage tote!
The 12 GAL. HEAVY-DUTY FLIP TOTE IN GREY is a very sturdy, reliable, and perfect size storage tote! The top flaps are so easy to close - and keep closed - with the design of the tote. Cannot over pack to ensure secure closure, but it holds a sufficient amount of weight/pounds and comes all in one piece so you never have to worry about a side snapping off/coming apart
by whitney529
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Good tote for storing tools
This is a great tote for storing smaller tools or any household items. Of course, the top folds down the middle so it's not waterproof like the typical top-cover design, but does seem sturdier in comparison. It seems like this thing can be loaded up quite a bit. I would say it will easily support 50+ pounds and is quite comfortable to carry around. One nice feature that it has are two holes on the opposite sides of the cover for locking up the box.
by Maks
Good for home use but not heavy duty
When I review a product there are several aspects I consider such as value, quality, features, meeting expectations, matching the product description, etc. While this tote may be suitable for average home use and storage requirements, it is positioned as "heavy duty" which is not really accurate. The description also says "extra thick-walled construction" but I thought the walls were just average in comparison to other home use storage totes. The inside dimensions are 19.5 x 14.5 x 12 inches at the top, but it gets slightly smaller at the bottom. It was shipped in thick bubble wrap and I was disappointed when I finally got it "unboxed". I expected more from a heavy duty tote as I was planning on ordering more of those to stack them in my garage, but now I'll just use this for something specific and look for other heavy duty options, most likely go to my local Home Depot to pick something I can see and touch.
by thebighash
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They are the standard size, made to open and close...
They are the standard size, made to open and close easily and are just what I wanted.
by HomeDepotCustomer
best thing for the job. sturdy enough and good size....
best thing for the job. sturdy enough and good size. Drivers are happy.
by warehouse1manager
Storage tote
Great storage box at a good price . Box is strong and stackable
by Tony
Indestructible stackable lockable box totes
I love these totes. I have about 20 of them. Great for packing and stacking high to keep stuff organized. Also when you travel it’s nice to zap strap them shut so they are locked tight. You can drop these bins and they will not crack or splinter. Shawn Dahl
Showing 1-10 of 122 reviews