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14 oz. Aerosol Filter Charger

  • Citrus scent disperses a refreshing fragrance in the air
  • Capacitated to charge up to 100 filters
  • Tackifier spray enhances the efficiency of recessed filters
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Product Overview

Give your furnace/ac filter a charge. Web's Filter Charger can help make that inexpensive throw away air filter more effective at capturing airborne particles. Web's Filter Charger is a spray on adhesive that helps filters catch more airborne dust.
  • Tackifier spray improves efficiency on fiberglass and inefficient furnace filters
  • Helps control airborne irritants such as dust and pollen
  • Charges up to 100 disposable filters
  • Fresh citrus scent

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Questions & Answers


Will this work on washable furnace filters?

Asked by Sal January 7, 2021

I would have to say no. In the product description it says to use it on throw away 1 time filters. Since it works by spraying on a sticky coating that the errant dust is attracted to like a fly to flypaper. I would not think this would just rinse off. If you do buy this product test your cans to make sure they work immediately after receiving them. I bought 3 cans. The first worked fine. The second contained the product but no propellant. I had to argue with the counter person at my local store since it was outside the normal return window.

Can I spray this on my masks to stop the spread of coronavirus?

Asked by TrumpArmy April 26, 2020

I would have to say no! Not only could the chemicals in the spray be harmful to you. The spray is sticky that's why dust particles stick to it. So everything would stick to it, think hair, flies, anything in the bottom of your purse, etc. P.S. I bought 3 cans of the 3 one had no propellant in it. Had to argue with woman at Home Depot to take it back since it was the second I had tried and was past 30 days. The mention of the fact that I have spent thousands of dollars in their store seemed to change her mind.

hi, I was wondering, does this decrease the air flow of the filter?!

Asked by Jnut February 25, 2018


Ok, I see where you say not to use this product on Non-Disposable filters. Why? By non-disposable...

Asked by Ace January 30, 2018

I use it on a disposable air filter, that means any filter that you use one time and change it out for a new one. If you are using a one inch filter and change it out every 30 days this work great it traps so much other smaller particle thing that get by a normal filter 1" filter. If you are using a reusable filter that some people do, you don't want to use this you will not get it clean. This is a great product to trap smaller particle that would go thru a normal 1" filter. If you are using a high efficient filter then you should not need this, but it would not hurt. Once you start using this product you wont quit.

can it be used on a vacuum cleaner's exhaust filter so as to not let dust and dander escape?

Asked by bob June 10, 2017

It might be effective. It would not hurt to try. It certainly would cause the filter to be replaced more often because it would be very difficult to remove this oily substance from the filter by attempting to clean it on a repeated basis.

My house has GE through wall A/C units would i be able to use this on the filters in my GE units?

Asked by RarestAce February 5, 2017

Yes, also read the instructions. Check filter more often due to the spray allowing more particles to be collected. Which is good for the unit.

Can this be used on Electrostatic filters?

Asked by Terry January 3, 2016

the can states 'not intended for use on electrostatic filters' NOPE!!

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Endust with an alias label
This is one of those "why didn't I think about that" products that, frankly, I did think about! For years, I've been spraying low-cost furnace air filters with Endust or Pledge Furniture Polish to enhance the dust capturing properties of the fiberglass mesh. This product does the same thing; it smells the same, looks the same and works the same way. I haven't done the math to determine which of these similar products costs less, but the idea is sound and it does work.
by Wizdad
28 people found this helpful
A great product.
This is a very good product. Everyone should be using it . It helps trap contaminants that would ordinarily pass right thru the filter and into ones lungs. It extends the filter life, saving money also.
by Jake
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I've used this spray for over 20 years. When...
I've used this spray for over 20 years. When my last AC died after 23 years the tech who removed it from the house commented on how clean the coils were-asked when I had it done last. "Never" was my answer, never in 23 years. The Filter Charger is that good. Too bad it's not on store shelves like it used to be. One reason for that is there's no instant gratification, you won't notice any difference except how much dirtier your filters are after 30,60 days-however often you change them. It's like doing maintenance on your car; no difference in the way it runs, it just lasts longer. I'll keep using it.
by Brooks
I couldn’t really tell the difference...
I couldn’t really tell the difference
Everyone should use it on their furnace filters....
Everyone should use it on their furnace filters.
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
Helps reduce dirt passing through a prefilter that I use...
Helps reduce dirt passing through a prefilter that I use on my a/c.
by PipeFixer
it did not have a spray nozel worthless!...
it did not have a spray nozel worthless!
1 person found this helpful
I've used this product for many years. It has done a good job.
I've used this product for many years. It has done a good job.
2 people found this helpful
The spray works as advertised....
The spray works as advertised.
by HomeDepotCustomer
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Showing 1-10 of 71 reviews