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18 in. 212 cc Gas Rear Tine Tiller

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Product Overview

The Powermate Rear Tine Tiller is the perfect tool for any job from gardening and light tilling to hard groundbreaking work. The 10.3 ft./lbs. 4-Stroke OHV engine is both powerful and efficient. The gear-drive system provides maximum fuel and engine efficiency, allowing the unit to run on less power input than when operated manually and the gasoline-powered engine allows the user to till a large area in little time. This powerful tiller works to complete the job quickly and effectively while still being easy to maneuver. The 11 in. counter rotating tines dig deep into the earth to remove weeds and allow for fresh soil to be upturned and the 13 in. heavy-duty agricultural tires stabilize the tiller over rough terrain. This machine boasts an 18 in. tilling width which allows the tiller to cover a large amount of space in 1 pass while still being easy to maneuver and capable of making sharp turns. This tiller makes easy work of any garden or groundbreaking project.
  • 4-cycle, 212 cc OHV engine provides the necessary strength for tilling your soil
  • 18 in. tilling width and self-sharpening steel tines that plow dirt while maintaining the blade edge
  • 11 in. counter rotating tines for aggressive tilling action
  • Self-propelled forward and reverse
  • 13 in. heavy-duty agricultural tires easily maneuver through tough landscapes
  • Plow style handles for maximum control
  • California residents

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Assembled Depth (in.)
19.88 in
Assembled Height (in.)
45.27 in
Assembled Width (in.)
24.00 in
Handle Length (in.)
Product Depth (in.)
19.88 in
Product Height (in.)
45.27 in
Product Width (in.)
24 in
Tine length (in.)


Adjustable Forward Speed
Adjustable Handle
Assembly Required
CA (CARB) Compliant
Not CARB Compliant
Engine Cycles
4 Cycle
Engine Displacement (cc)
Engine Make
OEM Branded
Engine Type
4 Cycle
Adjustable Forward Speed,Assembly Required,Foldable handle,Portable,Power Reverse,Self-Propelled
Foldable handle
Fuel Tank Capacity (gallons)
Maximum Till Depth (in.)
Maximum Till Width (in.)
Number of Tines
4 Tines
Number of tines
Power Type
Product Weight (lb.)
130.89 lb
Start Type
Recoil Start
Tine Material
Tine Position
Rear Tine
Translucent fuel tank

Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and Listings
EPA Approved
Manufacturer Warranty
2 Year Limited

Questions & Answers


The wheels do not engage gears to move the tiller when running. How to fix?

Asked by SandraJ April 18, 2021

There are pins for both tires you need to remove to freely move the tiller. This allows you to move the tiller easily where you want it to be. When you are ready to actually start roto tilling reinstall the pins and your on your way.

Is this available at the Liberty Lake wa store

Asked by Dee April 18, 2021

I ordered mine online but they can deliver it right to your home! I love mine!

Who makes the engine?

Asked by Deantown April 14, 2021

Since it's identified as "OEM Branded" in the Description, only Yardmate can answer this.

Compared to other brands how much does it compare

Asked by Tg April 7, 2021

For a smaller garden, it would be fine. It is not fast by any means. If you have a larger garden, mine is 1/4 acre, it will take you a long time to till. Troy bilt Horse for larger gardens.

Why was this recalled and pulled from the shelves?

Asked by Bigcdog23 April 6, 2021

I did not see where it said recalled I just bought mine and they still have them for sale around me

Where is this tiller manufactured?

Asked by Mack96 April 3, 2021


Is this engine a Briggs engine or a different brand? What is the manufacturers name?

Asked by BobbyJ April 2, 2021

Since it's identified in the description as "OEM Branded" only Yardmate can answer this

Is this tiller have counter rotating tones.

Asked by Timmy March 28, 2021

If you mean counter rotating tines yes. The wheels pull forward and the tines are reversed.

where and how do i get parts

Asked by Randy March 27, 2021

Call the store and ask for a manager. You can also download the manual that has a parts breakdown. Hope this helps.

What are the dimensions of the box it is shipped in? Keith 3-27-2021

Asked by handyman March 27, 2021

Mine wasn't boxed upon arrival. I just had too gas it up, pour in the oil it came with, put the cotter pins in the wheels, and it was ready too go. The only other thing besides oil with it was the manual. I like it so far.

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Not bad
I got the extended warranty for the tiller, just in case. Bought it yesterday, was no issues putting it together. Spot checked the bolts, they were all tight. Broke up a 20’x36’ never before tilled area this morning. Ground was real muddy so i had to push it along. I just went over the area once and took 16min to break the ground up. Gonna let it dry out a little more before i really get into it and mit it up. I was pleased with the performance of the tiller. I will say though, the tiller drive is a little on the slow side.
by CoolDad
fast Delivery
Fast delivery, looked to be floor model sent. I haben’t used it uet so gooing pretty good product.
by CS123
Decent tiller
It works well in the ground type of central illinois. The only negative thing I’ve experienced is the forward reverse levers were poorly engineered in my opinion. The force required to hold it down to till will give you severe muscle fatigue in your hand.
by ewatts
The unit came very carefully packaged to as to not damage any parts. Took 3 minutes to open up th...
The unit came very carefully packaged to as to not damage any parts. Took 3 minutes to open up the box total. Assembly took me about 20 minutes. Be sure and read the directions closely. This is a very impressive unit. It is well built solid and I expect it will last me many many years! I did fire it up to be sure it runs and it purrs like a strong kitten! We have had unusual high rains or I would have done some tilling with it. The 18 inch wide base is perfect for what I will be using this for. I cannot wait for spring as I plan to tear up a large portion of my back yard into a garden space! While it weighs 150 pounds it is so well balanced I can pick it up on one side with two fingers. The unit has clear labels for all functions making it super user friendly to use! This unit also has a forward and reverse which will make it easy to turn in tight spaces. There is a self leveling panel that follows the tiller which is very helpful. This unit is highly recommended!
by paul
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The Yardmate gas rear tine tiller will be a real workhorse in the garden. It arrived by truck on ...
The Yardmate gas rear tine tiller will be a real workhorse in the garden. It arrived by truck on a sturdy pallet and the instructions on the carton said to open the carton by cutting down the sides and folding the carton out. This made it easy to assemble the unit right on the pallet and on the wooden floor of the box. Assembly was very easy, except for one thing, and that was there was no mention in the instructions about the front bumper guard that came in the box separately. It would appear that the instructions were not updated for the fact that the guard was now shipped as a part that had to be assembled, because the assembly bolts for it were in the bag with the other parts. Also, there was no mention of how to attach the zip ties to the operator cables. Most of the unit is already assembled, so it took very little time to assemble it. The assembly bolts and nuts were thoughtfully made for different sized wrenches allowing you to put it together with a single set of wrenches (they are metric) instead of having to have two of the same size wrench. Figure 4 in the instruction sheet, however, was a bit confusing since the part (lower handle) that was supposed to be assembled, already came attached, only requiring two bolts, which were included both in the bag and on the parts list correctly, but, the guard had no figure or instructions, only the 4 bolts in the bag. Relatively easy to figure out for people who assemble stuff every day, but, might be confusing to the novice. The tires also go on only one way for most effective tilling and if you look really closely, on one side you will find a very small arrow indicating the direction of each tire (there is a left and right tire and wheel). The tires also are set up so the air valves are facing the outside of the unit, making it easy to check and fill the tires with air when needed. Since the tires came filled with air already, they just had to be put on the axel to be ready to go. All in all, it is a quality unit. Now, for some other things: Important to remember is that it is shipped without oil in the engine, but, included is a bottle of oil to be used BEFORE you put in gas and start the engine. This has to do with the shipping rules. The neat thing is you can reuse the bottle for the next oil change as a measure for the correct amount of oil to put in. I was surprised that the handle had four hand knobs to hold it together (presumably this will make for easy storage?), while the adjustment bolts for the handle height had only bolts and nuts. It would have been nice to have those bolts come with knobs on them so you could adjust the height in the field without needing to carry wrenches while you are tilling. As you till deeper, the handle needs to be adjusted higher so you don't have to bend over so far while tilling. One feature I would like to have seen (although not a dealbreaker) would be the ability to angle the handle side to side so you walk to the side of the freshly tilled soil. The tiller depth adjuster also had no handle to raise or lower it or keep it from falling out of the bracket when you take the pin out to change the depth. I plan to put something in the top hole of the depth regulator bar (a different size than the other depth pin holes) to keep it from falling out as it is being adjusted. Back to the wheels. There are two positions for them. One is for the unit to "freewheel" and the other is for tilling. There are two lock pins, one for each wheel that go through a hole in the wheel and the axel for tilling and only through the axel when in freewheel position. This makes it easy to roll the unit around to put it in a shed or garage when not in use. Also make sure you note which way the cap washers on the inside of the axels go on. I put a touch of lube on the axel as I assembled the wheels so they would easily slide into either position. However, I am not sure how easy it will be to tilt the tiller so the wheel can slide on the axel to lock it into place for tilling. You may need a second person or something to lift the wheel off the ground. That said, I was able to assemble the unit myself without strain, using the packing blocks in the carton to lift the axel to put the wheels on. When assembled, the unit is balanced well and I look forward to doing a lot of tilling in the spring. As I write this, our ground is frozen and covered with snow, so I couldn't run it out in the field, but, judging from the way it was built, it is a sturdy little machine that will give years of service if maintained properly. As an addendum, there is a coupon included in the instruction packet for a $10.00 rebate good through December 2022 for Ethanol Shield fuel stabilizer. Since sometimes gas sits in a small equipment fuel tank for longer than in a car, stabilizer is definitely recommended. I mix the stabilizer when I put gas in the storage can at the gas station and mark the container with the date filled. That way I know how fresh the gas is and how long it will keep.
by profchuck
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This hoss is the boss! I have gotten used to working with little front tine tillers with insect n...
This hoss is the boss! I have gotten used to working with little front tine tillers with insect names. They’re great for small flower beds or little garden patches but for a REAL flower or vegetable garden you need something bigger and stronger. This Yardmate will do the job! When I got the tiller and opened the box I was a little intimidated by the nearly 200 pound mass of metal laid out inside, but as I cut the sides of the box off I could see that the tiller was very carefully packaged to prevent damage and make it easy to assemble. I began following the directions and realized that it would be easier (for me) to attach the handles first and use them to control the leaning and tipping needed to install the wheels. When I finished assembling the tiller I saw that I had an extra part (the front engine guard) and 4 extra bolts. I re-read the instructions several times and couldn’t find anything about it. In the photos of the tiller it was located on the front of the chassis so I bolted it on. The instructions on the care and feeding of this beast were perfect other than that little omission. I cranked it up as instructed and tried it out in my summer garden space (even though the ground was too wet). This tiller bit into the soil and just kept going! I took it back to the barn and gave it a quick rinse with the hose and it was poised and ready to go for the springtime.
by Firebert
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This was ordered online and shipped to my home without issue. This tiller came in a large box, s...
This was ordered online and shipped to my home without issue. This tiller came in a large box, so assembly was required. luckily it was only for the handlebar and a front bumper/guard. 10 bolts and two cable ties and your finished. The handlebar assembled with 4 carriage bolts and a plastic knobs, which seemed silly considering you can't make any adjustments to that part assembly. so easy to remove knobs seemed like an odd choice. but nothing to take a star away. You then need to use 2 large bolts to set how high or low you want the angle of the handle bars to be. This is where it would have made sense to have easy to remove nuts and bolts, but this set is a larger grade that requires tools to assemble. And the other hardware will not work here. Next you will have to install the wheels to the axles. This does not freewheel when the tiller is not running, so to move you will need to remove the wheel pins and push the wheel all the way into transport. Or just lock the wheels to the axles and turn on and run the tiller. But note that you cannot disengage the tiller from drive. if you go forward, the tiller blades will rotate. The manual did not show how to assemble the from guard/bumper but it was easy to deduce from the pictures and left over parts were this part needed to assemble. After filling with the included motor oil and adding some gas, this fired right up on the first pull. which was impressive to say the least.
by DIYinUT
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Let me start by saying I have been vegetable gardening since I was a kid and am a vegetarian so i...
Let me start by saying I have been vegetable gardening since I was a kid and am a vegetarian so it is important to me. Now that I am older I downsized my garden to a 20' x 30' size. My personal preference for a tiller above all is that it must be a Rear Tine Tiller. IMO the front ones are so hard to control and much more work for no difference in cut. This tiller is on the larger size as far as the 18 in. tilling width although I have seen one or two as large as 24 in. and as small as 11 inch. Since I’m no spring chicken any more I need a tiller that was easier to control and maneuver. I can’t tell you how this thing works in hard clay as I have a sandy loam. That said this tiller cut through my garden effortlessly. I also removed the depth guide and it just kept going down to about a foot and kept moving forward with some slowing but it was able to do so. The nice big tires helped there even though there was little slipping and sliding even that deep. Now there is some assembly required; but that’s even a stretch. Attach the engine guard with 4 bolts attach the handle and slide the tires in the axle….DONE. Oh, DO NOT forgot you have to add the engine oil (it’s included). Top handle for forward, lower for reverse can’t be much simpler. The initial start-up it started on the third pull, subsequent starts was either on the first or second pull. If you are reading this review and you are shopping for a good quality, well built, sturdy and easy to use tiller that requires much less work this one is my suggestion. Without hesitation I say it fits all my needs and expectations. I would not hesitate recommending this to family and friends. WELL done Yardmate!!!!
by JJ
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Haven’t been able to use yet as tire was flat...
Haven’t been able to use yet as tire was flat when we got it and had to buy an inner tube.
by Dawn
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
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