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4 ft. x 8 ft. Acoustical Barrier

  • Helps confine sound
  • Prevents air leakage
  • 4 ft. x 8 ft. Acoustical Barrier
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Product Overview

Backed by extensive acoustic testing, dB-3 Pro is the same material specified by leading architects and installed in premium condos, apartments, hotels, and resorts to block sound transmission between walls. Manufactured in Mount Airy, North Carolina in an ISO 9001:2008 registered facility, With a minimum STC of 25, dB-3 Pro is engineered to block and damp noise throughout the entire sound spectrum.



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Limited manufactures warranty to be free from defects.

Questions & Answers


If I live in a town housing complex and the garages share a wall, would this make it much more qu...

Asked by firsthouse March 4, 2019

can i use this on floors

Asked by Rony February 3, 2019

No, this barrier goes behind drywall.

How well does this work blocking shower, toliet(including bubbling) and other neighborly noise I ...

Asked by Diyguy January 12, 2019

Can this product be used outside in any kind of weather?

Asked by Mc January 11, 2019

Yes, you can use this acoustical barrier outside, but you may have to shelter the actual product from the weather as much as possible so it doesn't get wet.

can I install to a finished drywall ceiling?

Asked by early November 25, 2018

No,t his item is too heavy to place overhead.

what is the thickness of this product?

Asked by matamac October 15, 2018

Hi matamac. According to the website specs, the depth/thickness of this product is 1/10th of an inch. https://www.homedepot.com/p/4-ft-x-8-ft-Acoustical-Barrier-DB348X96BX/100663624 Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. Rick_HD_OC

Would you use this for floor/ceiling sound proofing ? If so would you still use insulation too?

Asked by Kathy August 12, 2018

I have some outdoor 360-degree speakers and would like to dampen the sound towards my neighbors direction.

Asked by Jiminy June 16, 2018

We are trying to reduce the neighbors, noise. Will installing this and then finishing 5/8 sound absorbing dry wall work?

Asked by Henry January 25, 2018

It will but be careful to follow the directions.

I have a interior bedroom brick wall can hear neighbor tv. Home built 1930s , the wall has .25 plaster on brick no plans

Asked by BenB July 17, 2017

There are two ways to reduce or eliminate sound transmission. Sound blocking and sound absorption. Sound blocking is obtained by adding mass. Sound absorption is done by use of materials that basically turn the sound energy to heat energy. The most common sound absorbing material used in buildings is mass loaded vinyl. This product is a low grade mass loaded vinyl. In my experience, this product has about the same noise reduction value as 5/8 inch gypsum wallboard. Putting this product on the existing wall and covering it with a layer of 5/8 inch gypsum wallboard will reduce the noise but not eliminate it. There is a product caledl quiet rock which is two layers of high density gypsum with a high grade of mass loaded vinyl sandwiched between then. Aside from a de-coupled wall, (which is required by building code for new apartment construction) the quiet rock will produce more significant sound reduction.

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car audio applications on doors and floor
I am an acoustical engineer who designs commercial buildings. We use MLV for noise abatement in walls on occasion. For walls, you're better off with Green Glue between two layers of GWB. The mobile audio community also wants MLV for road noise abatement in cars. This product works great on both vehicle doors and floors - but does require a decoupling layer. CCF can be used but I prefer a radiant/acoustical barrier using ultratouch insulation (also sold by Home Depot). This product is closer to .75lb/sq.ft. so the transmission loss is less than 1lb/sq.ft. products. However, due to contribution of flanking paths, this product will perform as well in most applications. Proper fasteners and decoupling are recommended.
by keephopealive
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Got Noise? Not anymore!
I used this DB-3 Barrier on top of an existing wall built in the 1950's. I used a green product adhesive of choice and applied it to the wall and layed the barrier over it and used a few nails to hold in place. I waited a day and then applied the Soundproofing drywall named "quietrock" over this. The outcome was jaw-dropping. At three in the morning while playing music or talking on the phone there is no (Nada) noise even with my ear pressed against the wall. Highly recommend this product for use. Just a little research and some comon sense techniques and you have the solution. Like they say "You can do it, we can help"! Victor Ramirez
by Bronzepony4u
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It helps but not sure if it's worth the price per sq ft
Like other reviews said, it's basically automobile sound deadener. Pretty heavy material. Box says it eliminates up to 75% of sound... I would say more like 30-50% in my application. I used it in an odd application. My walls are extremely soundproof, but my door is basically honeycomb cardboard. Attached with a few tiny nails. It's definitely effective but seems like higher frequencies make it through.
by sleepywill
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Also used in cars
We use this product for cars to kill road noise and to help with the sound quality of the sound systems. 1st we add a sound deadner to the doors, 2nd we add the DB3 to the top of that and then place the door panels back on. This stuff is heavy and helps alot with keeping sounds in and keeping sounds out. We used 2 sided Velcro to hold it in place until the panels go back on.
by rickh
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Used in conference room
The acoustical barrier was thicker and heaver than I expected. It appears to be very similar to acoustical shielding used the automotive world. I installed as part of a layered wall system per industry recommendations. 5/8 Drywall, R13 Batt insulation, 5/8 Drywall, Acoustical Barrier, and 1/4 drywall. I used the barrier in 1 conference room and there is a noticeable difference. It does not block 100% of the sound, but it makes the conference room more pleasant to work it.
by O415
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easy to install and very effective
this was a very straight forward install under the sheetrock. the sound insulation qualities exceed my expectations.
by Eiannone1
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put it inside of ac door worked great on noise reduction !!
put it inside of ac door worked great on noise reduction !!
by bob
Not so great in car
After reading other reviews that said this product worked well to dampen noise in their cars, I thought I'd give it a try. So, after taking out the interior, put vibration dampener sticky mat down, a couple layers of closed cell foam, and covering most of the interior surface with this product, the cabin noise is reduced. Is it reduced enough to make me think it was worth it? No! Can I have a conversation without having to raise my voice? No. Do I still have to crank up the stereo just to hear it? Yes. I don't know how well it works behind drywall, but for cars I would look elsewhere. For what it's worth, I've found that just putting fiberglass insulation behind drywall walls does a pretty good job of reducing noise.
by HemlockSolmes
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Major attenuation under drywall
Great for soundproofing a wall between kid bedrooms. Insulation between studs plus drywall, plus this stapled to first sheet of drywall, plus a second sheet of drywall. 3-year old isn't woken up by the infant screaming in the next room.
by jb89
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I live near an airport, this stuff really cuts down the noise
For a very reasonable price this is very effective to cut down on the noise. Make sure you install it properly.
by Andy
Response from dB Sound ControlMar 24, 2016

We are very happy to hear your experience. Yes, everyone, sound is very much like water, it will find a way to pass around your barrier, you must make sure you address all avenues for sound transmission with proper installation.

I am glad our product solved your solution Thank you very much for your comments.

dBsoundcontrol.com HDDB4
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