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48 in. Driveway Markers 1/4 in. Dia Driveway Poles Snow Markers Snow Stakes, Orange (20-Pack)

  • Designed to provide easy visibility during night
  • Made of fiberglass rod for durable use
  • Comes with a pointed tip for easy installation
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Product Overview

FiberMarker 48 in. Reflective Driveway Markers for Easy Visibility at Night. FiberMarkers has been specialized in manufacturing fiberglass reflective driveway markers since 1999. We offer a variety of different options with more competitive price and high quality for our customers. Driveway marking to do at night. As markers for the end of the driveway and as guides for backing in and out of garage. Protect your curb and grass from running over by trash trucks, where the grass meets the street. As driveway markers on ranch, safer for horses and cars and can be pulled out when you mow instead of having to work around them. Driveway marking to do for snow season. Practical for plowing snow in the winter. Easily seen in the dark and high enough, line your driveway during the winter, wouldn't go off into your lawn with the snowblower. Perfect for marking your drive if you need plows to know the boundaries also nice for visitors to see the edges of your drive. Save your mailbox from the plow.
  • Made of durable fiberglass rod with good flexiblity feature, pole rebounds back if struck by vehicle
  • Safety signs - clearly mark the edge of driveways, parking lots and streets at night, bright reflection as it illuminates from a 360° point of view when the headlights hit markers
  • Property markers - keep cars and trucks off your grass and other areas of your property, such as mailbox, curb and fire hydrant, in winter, keeps your yard from being torn up by snow plow
  • Easy installation - pointed tip inserts easily into ground, a super poly cap to protect driveway pole during installation
  • 20-pack solid poles, 1/4 in. Dia x 48 in. L, orange, reflective tape is silver grey, 6 in. L

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Name48 in. Driveway Markers 1/4 in. Dia Driveway Poles Snow Markers Snow Stakes, Orange (20-Pack)Snow Plow Marker Kit36 in. Driveway Markers 5/16 in. Dia Driveway Poles for Easy Visibility at Night Reflective, Orange (20-Pack)48 in. Orange Hollow Reflective Driveway Markers for Easy Visibility at Night 5/16 in. Dia (20-Pack)
Product Height (in.)48 in2636 in48 in
Mounting typeYard StakeOtherYard StakeYard Stake
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Product Depth (in.)
0.25 in
Product Height (in.)
48 in
Product Width (in.)
0.25 in


Accessory Type
Color Family
Hardware Color Family
Mounting type
Yard Stake
Safety & Security Product Type
Traffic Safety Flag

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Easy to use
I am hoping these will stand out in the winter. They are going to be on the edge of the driveway so when I am plowing snow, I will know where the edge is, since it's a big steep drop off at the edge. The poles are chamfered on the one end to make putting them in the ground easier. They are pretty flexible, so you have to support the middle in order to drive them in. Since they are pretty flexible, they should work good along the drive. They have a silver reflective section at the top of them so they will be seen in your headlights.
  • Recommended
Nice product!
These fiberglass stakes work perfectly for marking the entrance to a driveway. Because they are 48" long, they will be visible above the snow this winter. And if we have more than 48" of snow, nobody needs to get out of the house anyway. The stakes are highly reflective and flexible. They are pre-sharpened so they can be easily pushed or driven into the ground. I also like that there are 20 of them in a pack so we can mark multiple driveways or replace them down the road if one ore more of them breaks.
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Good snow markers
These markers are great for the snow. They line the property line to help the snow plow know where the property is & helps for clearing snow from your driveway. The markers have a little point on the bottom, you need a hammer or mallet to lightly bang it in the ground. They also have a reflective spot so they can been seen at night. I would definitely recommend these I have had my lawn ripped up & lost a sprinkler head from the plow, these will help let them know where my property is.
  • Recommended
Marking Sticks
I can't remember how many times I 5hought I still had room to go a bit further only to snap a sheer pin on the snow blower. These days markers like these take all the guess work out of knowing where the limits are so not to end up picking up rocks or other artifacts hidden under the snow.. They can also come in handy for marking reas you'd rather not see or have ppl. driving over. They are very handy to have and use.
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Best Idea for driveway Plowing
Have been using shorter markers for years when driveway edging was pressure treated 4x4s so that I would not force them out of their submerged location. Now there is a brand new driveway and wanted to ensure that there would be no wandering onto the lawn due to snow blindness from winter snow deposits. Previously had 1/4" holes in timbers to locate the flags, but now use a long 1/4" drill to make pilot holes for easy flag insertion. Due to not being winter yet, the pictures do not show how good the paths are marked when there is snow cover.
  • Recommended
Snow Marking poles are useful even if you never see snow.
I got these knowing that I would never see snow deep enough to need them for their intended purpose at home in Georgia. However, they have lots of other uses. I used them to mark the location of lawn irrigation heads and valve covers when my yard was aerated, and also to line the precipice at the edge of the driveway at my vacation home in the mountains; that seems to give my wife and visitors a bit more confidence when backing up or turning around. These 4’ long bright orange fiberglass poles have a point at one end and a fitted cap at the other, with a wide band of reflective material wrapped around near the top of each pole, so they’re very visible and can easily penetrate most soil. (The mountain place had a lot of buried rocks, so I found it easiest there to first make a hole by hammering an old screwdriver into the dirt.) I also used these successfully as property survey makers and as a poor man’s probe to locate a buried water line. In short, these are phenomenally useful and deserve your consideration.
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FiberMarker 48” Driveway Markers ¼”
The 20-Pack of FiberMarker Driveway Markers arrived today, nicely packed and in order. It’s a bit early, but I’m going to install a couple anyway. I use them along my driveway so the delivery drivers have a reasonable idea of where they can travel. I also have a path that I use for my daily walk. That path disappears in the snow leaving me without much of a clue as to where to walk. I admit, I sometimes snow plow that path along with the driveway so the markers provide added direction as to where to snow plow and where not to snow plow. They’re reflective, and at 48 inches, they’re the perfect length/height for SW Pennsylvania. The Markers have a single silver/white band although a double banded one is also available. They’re pointed, as you would expect, and have a nice and sturdy, firmly attached cap that permits pounding during installation. (I used a 2 pound sledge and they installed nicely.) With all the sturdiness, they’re still quite flexible in case you or someone else bumps one with a vehicle or such. Look, they’re plenty of driveway markers out there, but these are really nice compared to what I’ve used in the past. These FiberMarker Driveway Markers should easily get you through many winters and last a number of years.
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Good markers!
These are really nice markers with many uses. I got them to mark the driveway corners for the winter but there are many more uses. Great for snow plow marking, culvert markers or i even have some marking hard to find newly planted saplings. The reflective band is 360 degrees on each one. One end is pointed for easy insertion . I found right after rain works best in our clay soil. Great buy for so many things!
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FiberMark Driveway Markers
The 48 inch fiberMarker driveway markers arrived intact. These markers are made of flexible fiberglass which means in the event these markers are hit by a vehicle they will easily bend to minimize damage to the vehicle hitting the marker. One end has a reflective material on it while the other end is pointed for easy placement in soil. These markers can be used to warn of no parking zones, during snow months they can mark side walk edges near the street, edges of curbs, no parking zones or other activities that require some type of marking. they are easy to work with and upon first use are helpful. I will use these during heavy snowfalls so the snowplows will not tear up the lawn by mistake (Use is boundary markers). I highly recommend this product.
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Great for marking curved driveways and walkways so I don't snowblow the lawn
The 48 inch poles are tall enough to be above any snow we would get and the orange post with reflective tape will be easy to see with the tractor lights at night when it seems we get our heaviest accumulations. My 54 inch blower can take a big gouge out of frozen lawn and even bigger if it is thawed. The walk behind blower could really damage the flower beds along the walkway. This bundle is a lot less expensive than individual poles and should keep me out of trouble this winter. The bottom end of the pole is tapered for easier insertion in the ground and the top has a cap for easier pushing. I did notice a few of the reflective tape strips appeared to be a little loose at the edge but squeezed those back tight and the have been holding ok so far. Perhaps as the adhesive has time to dry and harden that will be less of a concern. The orange pole will be easily visible even if the tape comes loose. In warmer weather I can use these to lay out long property lines to help plan tree planting and lay out proposed new building locations to get a visual cue on where things may best fit. I can even use them to mark garden rows to guide planting in the spring.
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Showing 1-10 of 22 reviews