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Wonder Pump 6 ft. Siphon Hose

  • Safely and quickly transfer liquids to and from anywhere
  • Easy to use: shake pump to activate
  • Built with safe plastic pump
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Product Overview

Safely, simply, and quickly transfer liquids, up to 3-1/2 GPM (gallons per minute), to and or from ponds, aquariums, above ground pools, fountains, lawn mowers, motorcycles, etc. All you have to do is shake the pump to activate pump. The following liquids can travel through the Wonder Pump: water, gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, fertilizer, insecticides, thinners, paint solvents and lubricants up to the thickness of 20 grade oil.
  • Made in USA
  • No electricity, batteries or sucking needed
  • Safe, anti-static plastic pump and hose
  • Not recommended to siphon out of automobile gas tanks



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Miscellaneous Repair Kit
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Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
Guaranteed for one full year to replace or repair the damaged product due to manufacturing defect only.

Questions & Answers


For removing gasoline from a snow blower or lawn tractor: what's the minimum depth of fuel in the...

Asked by Richard March 24, 2018

The good news is that it will suck it dry - ONCE YOU GET IT STARTED. The bad news is you need to jig the valve end of the hose up and down quickly in about 5” of fluid AND have enough fluid to fill the hose to get it started. Great product for emptying large volumes of fluid (I use mine to put gas in my boat and to empty my hot tub) but, unless you are starting with a full tank with enough depth, it’s probably not the best choice for a small project.

The description states it can be used to move gas but not recommended removing gas from a car tank....why is this?

Asked by Ct April 28, 2017

The check valve, which gets immersed in the liquid being drained, i.e. the tank, could come off ! Also, the lash in the tube would make it difficult to prime.

how to add an extenstion

Asked by ekz February 5, 2016

Yes, you can add many more feet of length to the device, as long as the source that you are siphoning from is higher than the end of the new length of hose. The greater the difference in height, the greater the flow..., but within reason. There is a thing called "friction loss" that'll limit the length of your hose. Ask any firefighter that has gone to school. Happy dribbling!

Does the water source have to be higher than the destination?

Asked by Bwana October 12, 2015

No.Just make sure the tank you are filling is face due North. If you are pulling water from a lake uphill, just point the hose end to the North in the area you are filling. I have pulled water up 40 feet from one pond to fill a smaller pond. You may need to tie a horse shoe type magnet on the North end of the filling hose. Hope this is useful.

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Wonder Pump - It works!
It does what it claims and does it well! No more sucking the hose to prime the flow! With the wonder pump you vigorously shake, and use an up and down motion to get the prime flowing. The six foot hose can be a bit short, so if needed be sure you have the necessary extension pieces on hand. I found what I needed separately in the bathroom faucet isle of by local Home Depot.
by HappyCustomerHere
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Fantastic and easy to use!
We are in a historic 500 year drought in California so I wanted to use the water from my washing machine to water my plants and trees (I use bio-degradable soap). I tried to use a piece of garden hose to siphon the water out of the washing machine into a Home Depot bucket, but after getting a mouthful of this nasty water I knew I needed another way. The Wonder Pump hose is great. It is easy to use, and I don't have to drink nasty water. I also use it to siphon out the water from my back yard fountain when it needs cleaning. The birds like to take a bath in my fountain so that water is not something I want in my mouth. The hose has no electrical components, its just a simple up and down movement to get the water flowing. Nothing could be easier. It's great, but keep in mind that it's only six feet long, so if you need something longer than this won't work.
by GopherMannumber1
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Ok for the Price
After re-reading the description, I believe the product has either changed or the description is wrong. My hose came with a plastic siphon end, not copper as stated. Never the less, it works. I do believe the copper siphon end would have been better than this plastic material so that it would stay down better. For the price, it is an average deal .... not great. Next time I would hold out & find one with a heavier, metal end. Includes a plastic bag for storage.
by RednexToyz
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did not work as use
did not work as use
by joe
It did not work when I first got it. Gave it one last try before returning it and it worked. So I...
It did not work when I first got it. Gave it one last try before returning it and it worked. So I kept it. It has not worked properly since then. It is disappointing and takes more effort than I expected to get it to siphon rain water from collection bin. It may yet meet expectations but a couple of weeks of unreliable functioning makes me rather doubtful.
by Grandpa
It is a simple, reliable tool. Can't ask for more than that.
It is a simple, reliable tool. Can't ask for more than that.
I went to Home Depot to buy a length of hose to use to siphon about ten gallons of gas from my cl...
I went to Home Depot to buy a length of hose to use to siphon about ten gallons of gas from my classic car when I spotted this and decided to give it a try. Without reading the instructions and inserting the wrong end into the gas tank through the filler nozzle, I got no results. Once inserting the brass-colored end into the gas tank and getting (via trial-and-error) the end to fully submerge in gas, shaking it as directed at a medium speed got the gas flowing surprisingly quick. Once the siphon starts, you simply put the end into your container and wait. It seems to flow at a rate of about 3 GPM as specified. Depending on your application, it may or may not be easy to get the brass end to remain submerged as you shake the line enough to get the siphon starting, hence my 4 vs. 5 star rating; the hose has a curve to from being coiled that likely contributes to this.
by peejmeister
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The hose wasn't long enough to drain the water where I wanted it to. Also, the hose is coiled, wh...
The hose wasn't long enough to drain the water where I wanted it to. Also, the hose is coiled, which made it even shorter.
by Susan
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Don't waste your time
Doesn't work for me. But at least I got my money back this is the only product I brought that didn't work.
Works great!
Unfortunately, after purchasing a new 5 gallon gas can with one of those convoluted vented tubes, I needed to find a way to dispense gas into my boat without spilling most of it in the lake. A neighbor, who had already gone through that experience, suggested I try a wonder pump. Problem solved !!!
by Edward
Showing 1-10 of 59 reviews