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4 ft. Clay Solid Gutter Cover

  • Blocks leaves and debris from entering to prevent clogs
  • Directs water flow from roof runoff into gutter
  • Features 4 ft. long section for handling ease during setup
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Product Overview

The Amerimax 4 ft. Solid Gutter Cover is made of PVC. It is designed to let water in to the gutter while keeping leaves out. It can cover the top of your gutter to block leaves and debris from entering the gutter. This helps eliminate clogs. The clay color can blend with most home styles.
  • Covers the top of the gutter to help keep leaves and debris out, helping to eliminate clogs
  • Designed to allow water into the gutter while keeping leaves out
  • Designed to direct roof runoff into the gutter while keeping leaves out
  • Fits 4 in. , 5 in. , and 6 in. gutters
  • Neutral clay color can blend with most home styles
  • 4 ft. Long section for ease of handling during installation
  • To install, slide under the shingles and hook to the front edge of the gutter
  • Available in White or Clay

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K-Style Gutter
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Gutter Guard
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Questions & Answers


What exactly 'adjusts' on these guards? If my gutter is 4" do I just push more under the shingle...

Asked by Kate August 4, 2020

Yes, just push more under the shingles. It’s a good idea to overlap about 1-1.5” for strength at the joints. This requires notching the front edge at the overlap points. A little more work but well worth the effort.

do they get clogged with the hairy leaf strings from oak trees

Asked by joez December 15, 2019

Small material is what gets into my gutters despite these gutter covers. My issues is with pine needles and white birch seeds. Together a few needles and the small stick seeds collect inside the gutters at the downspouts so I need to clean my gutters twice a year. These gutters are the third type that I have tried and work the best. I have had these in place now for several years, cut to fit under shingle nailing, front edge attached to my gutters with gutter screws so that they do not blow off in high winds.

will these work on any k style gutter's or do they have to be amerimax gutter's

Asked by erik June 27, 2019


will it install under metal roof?

Asked by mama January 30, 2019

YOU CAN INSTALL THESE GUARDS AFTER REMOVING NAILS AND RAISING PANELS. The metal roof that was popular in the 1990's (in the Sacramento area) were from CalPac which were panels about 52" long by about 18". The edge of each panel was scalloped to fit into the curved recess of the panel below. The lowest panel would overlap the roof edge and slightly extend into the gutter which made slipping anything underneath the panel impossible unless the lowest nails were remove and the panel lifted (which is what I did for the 22 foot length of gutter above my garage door eave). The second row of panels hold the 1st row in place and it is not necessary to replace the nails which would be too short. Getting the nail out of the bottom panel when overlapped is tricky - use a screwdriver and fulcrum under the nail head. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RAISE THE METAL PANELS ON THE GUTTERS SURROUNDING YOUR HOUSE UNLESS YOU HAVE SHEATHING UNDER THE OLD SHINGLES (AND NOT 4" WIDTH SLATS WITH SPACING AS MINE ARE WHICH ALLOWS UNDESIRABLE CREATURES TO SQUEESE INTO YOUR ATTIC SINCE THE OLD SHINGLES ARE ROTTEN). THIS WAS THE METHOD OF CALPAC TO ROOF OVER THE OLD ROOF (SAVED ON COST BUT INCREASED LONG TERM GRIEF FOR SOME). I WAS ABLE TO DO THE 22 FEET OF GUTTER GUARDS WITHOUT GETTING ON THE ROOF USING A LADDER (STAY OFF METAL ROOFS UNLESS YOU KNOW HOW TO WALK ON THEM WITHOU DENTING). IF YOU NEED ADDITIONAL INCOME (I'M TALKING ABOUT A JOB HERE) - THIS WOULD BE A GOOD START. LOOK AROUND YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD FOR THIS TYPE OF ROOF AND ASK THE OWNER IF THEY WOULD LIKE TO HAVE GUTTER GUARDS INSTALLED- STAY OFF THEIR ROOF AND YOU CAN'T BE ACCUSED OF DOING DAMAGE- DO ALL WORK FROM A LADDER. SINCE I HELPED YOU FIND A JOB YOU CAN REPAY ME BY CONTRIBUTING TO THE WILD FIRE REBUILDING IN PHOENIX, OREGON. And by the way buy the Gutter Guards from Homedepot.

How sturdy is this when covered with ice or snow

Asked by Bibi December 28, 2018

This is the first winter and so far they are doing great with no problems.

Does snow and ice accumulate and freeze at the edge causing ice dams and possible interior drywal...

Asked by smm August 20, 2018


Does this product connect "snap on" to your vinyl 5" gutters made by Amerimax

Asked by tibby August 4, 2018

I attached them to metal gutters, probably another brand. I didn't install the gutters, just the covers. They snapped on, but I screwed them down with sheet metal screws, one on each end (my guess is they would hold through a pretty strong wind without being screwed down). I would also guess that they would also snap on to Amerimax vinyl, since same brand and material. 5" sounds about right for a good fit. they worked on the house, but the gutters on the (separate) garage were too narrow, causing the covers to curve into a shallow U shape, thus retaining the rainwater and overflowing back under the shingles. So I had to remove the covers from the garage gutters, which are also metal, I think are about 4".

is there connectors between each sectipn

Asked by Fred June 27, 2018

I am not aware of any "connectors" that are available for this product but because they are thin enough they can simply be overlapped as is recommended in the installation instructions. The Installation instructions say to overlap them 1 and 1/2 inches and to do you have to cut back the portion that attaches to the gutter. This was the only suggestion that we might make to Amerimax; that they should come with a factory cutback of a 3/4 inch at each end leaving an attachment between the gutter cover bull-nose and the portion attaching to the gutter while giving you the ability to still overlap the recommended 1 and 1/2 inches and allowing you to work in either direction when installing these gutter covers.

Is a quantity or case price available?

Asked by billnik May 23, 2018

I did not get a case price discount when I ordered. Free shipping after $45.00. That's all. I have had for a year and it does its job!

I have a mansard roof. Would these covers be adaptable to this style? If so how?

Asked by Tommy December 7, 2017

I think the mansard style might be too steep for these covers. The cover snaps to the gutter outer lip and must be able to lie on roof decking under the last row of shingles.

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I’m very happy w/ it.
I’m happy I got this product. I took off the old mash guards and installed this is my house, to keep all the pine needles from getting in. If installed correctly it works great!
Doesn't lock onto the gutters as advertised. Takes screws to hold in place. After install the pro...
Doesn't lock onto the gutters as advertised. Takes screws to hold in place. After install the product seems to work well as long as the pitch of the roof is great enough. Slow sloped roofs will not work with this product or anything like it. Inside and outside corners must be custom cut and there isn't end caps for these covers so if those are needed, custom cut and fold. Shipping was a nightmare! The first shipment was lost in transit. Home Depot ordered it again and weeks later MOST of the product arrived. The rest was damaged in transit... Not satisfied about that part at all!
by Gutterz
8 people found this helpful
This is the best Gutter Cover. I have used them on three different Houses. They work as advertised.
This is the best Gutter Cover. I have used them on three different Houses. They work as advertised.
by HomeDepotCustomer
Great Value and Easy Installation
I purchased this product after trying the Diamond Gutter Guard also made by Amerimax. The Diamond gutter guard kept everything out of the gutters, including the water. This product works much better. There is a small amount of runoff in very heavy rain, but the amount is trivial. The valley where the water runs into the gutters stays clear and I haven't had to clean my gutters since the installation. I bought 25 of these and had them installed in under 2 hours. I am by no means an expert handyman, but a child would have no problem installing these. I would absolutely recommend this product to friends and family. You'll be glad you invested in these.
by Biggs
41 people found this helpful
excellent product
Instructions were easy to follow, panels went in easy, did not need to use screws but due to the differing weather conditions, I may have to install them later. Product was easy to cut to fit with tin snips
by Cs42
6 people found this helpful
Reviewing two years after installation
After cleaning 2-year-old gutters in fall 2012, my wife and I decided to install these after trying a few of the flat diamond screen version. Installation takes some effort to get the edge between the decking and the shingle. A putty knife would probably make raising the shingles easier. Once the entire back edge was under the shingle I using a paint can opening tool to snap the cover into place. (That idea came from another reviewer.) Fast forward two years; I had been working out of state and my wife noticed a lot of rain spill over from the gutters outside the kitchen. I removed a couple of covers for cleaning and cleared a clog at the downspout screen. I also found the drainage slots clogged with dirt and cleaned them with a wire brush. I suspect that accumulation was due to water backup. But I find it easier to clean the outer slot every two years than to clean the gutters. One more thing: I didn't read the instruction download until today. The mfr recommends 1-1/2 inch overlap cover to cover (to improve appearance and prevent gaps), and describes how to make a bird guard at the outside corners. Because I had not read this, I improvised with duct tape and had critters crawl into the gutters.
by StevefromAustin
38 people found this helpful
Very good product. Seems to work well. We'll...
Very good product. Seems to work well. We'll see how it stands up next year.
Pieces too short to be useful.not an attractive solution. Water...
Pieces too short to be useful.not an attractive solution. Water rolls over them and on to the ground in a decent rain.
These gutter covers work on 4-6” gutters. My were 4”...
These gutter covers work on 4-6” gutters. My were 4” gutters so I easily trimmed off the excess 2” that slides up under the shingles and the were very easy to install. I did use a putty knife to pull the gutter cover up over the lip of the gutter. Hasn’t rained since I installed them however I’m confident they’ll work fine especially since where I installed them is under a tree.
by TOM
I couldn’t use it as my gutters are 5”. This...
I couldn’t use it as my gutters are 5”. This is a one-size-fits-all product. I would have had to cut 3” off of the entire length of 200’ of gutter guard to make it work as it required me to shove the guard 3” under my roof shingles ...I hit nails at 1”... I went with A-M Aluminum.. fits perfectly and doesn’t go under your roofing material. At least I got to try a sample... my advice.. buy samples and test them out.. I hit the jackpot on the 3rd try.
by HomeDepotCustomer
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