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Stand-Up Weeder

  • Stand-up weeding position is easier on the back
  • Foot step for comfort and control
  • Release weed after pulling with the slide-action ejector
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Product Overview

Tired of spending hours in the yard pulling dandelions? You can rest a little easier thanks to this innovative weeding tool -- a stand-up weeder that removes weeds by their roots quickly and easily. No bending, chemicals or divots of damage to your turf when you use this weeder. It performs double-duty by also aerating the soil for a healthy lawn.
  • Features an ejection slide for easy weed release
  • Durable steel and lightweight poly construction is guaranteed to work and last for the never-ending garden chore of removing weeds
  • Stand-up weeding tool is ideal for eliminating pesky weeds without chemicals
  • Unique plunger clears weed after pulling to aerate soil for a healthy lawn
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Manufacturer Warranty
15 Years

Questions & Answers


Would this work on weeds that grow in between pavers on the patio?

Asked by Sadie October 3, 2018

No. For that you would need something like liquid RoundUp.

Does it have a warranty?

Asked by help April 1, 2018

Home Depot accepted the return, I'm not familiar with any manufacturer warranty. Protect yourself by not buying it in the first place.

Can I use it to dig hole for bulb/plugs too?

Asked by Canary0101 October 21, 2017

it does make a hole when you take out the weed, but there are better tools to dig a hole for bulbs/plugs

Is this product made primarily of plastic with metal additions such as the claw at the bottom & s...

Asked by PG May 19, 2018

Mostly metal...some plastic but is really tough. Maybe half n half after looking. But still tough

Can I use this to remove weeds in gravel?

Asked by Benou January 2, 2020

Yes, Works Great! Very impressed!

There are none available will they be restocking or are they not carring this item anymore

Asked by outdoorgal April 18, 2016

This is a new item so you may have to order the weeder and pick it up at your local store or get it delivered.

Why is this showing available at local store but not there? Spend half hour looking for box.

Asked by Susan March 12, 2016

Great Product

Will you have to fill the hole aeration holes created since you would discard the weed vs leaving the plug on the soil?

Asked by PEJAEG April 26, 2020

This may pull multiple tweeds, but it wasn’t designed with the intent to achieve pulling multiple weeds. It’s great to help from bending over to pull weeds.

How does it work on crab grass or is it only for dandelions?

Asked by ChaosandPandemonium August 10, 2016

It will work on almost any will take crab grass but think using a weed and feed would work better

Is it best to on dry dirt, or just after a rain? I tried yesterday and all I got was dirt packed in the claw.

Asked by Amelia June 8, 2020

You do not want to use it when it’s rock hard dry soil or wet and muddy some thing in between. You really have to center it right over the weed to capture all the weed and the root that goes with it.

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76% of customers recommended.
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broke after 40 pulls, yet capable.
The achilles’ heel of otherwise sturdy and capable tool is the little pin that holds the metal rod connected to the retracting handle mechanism. I was able to continue working by replacing the pin with a nail that I U bended and then hacksawed its protruding rest.
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I really didnt have the problem w the weeds getting stuck. Its just dirt. Sometimes you donneed aome arm strength to push it out though. It took out all the huge weeds like nothing. Didnt do well on crab grass though
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It works well. Less stress on the back.
It works well. Less stress on the back.
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The blades to pull the weed work very well but the release mechanism is hard to work so it was di...
The blades to pull the weed work very well but the release mechanism is hard to work so it was difficult to remove the weed from the tool.
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Planter not puller
This maybe sold for pulling weeds, but it is even better for planting 288 pachysandra plants. Pulls out a small plug of dirt - even in hard clay - just the correct size for small plants.
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Bought 2 wks ago and Home Depot. Easy to use and very effective. Lightweight, excellent price. Hi...
Bought 2 wks ago and Home Depot. Easy to use and very effective. Lightweight, excellent price. Highly recommend for anyone! It works better than expected. My boyfriend has a slight addiction and a war against the dandilions and buttercups. He is determined to win Haha!
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Satisfying Weed Puller
Ar first, it was a bit difficult to understand on how it works and it was a bit stiff. After a few weeds, it definitely got easier and satisfying to see how it pulls the weeds at ease. I would recommend to use after it rained or the grass is a little damp. Check out the image attached.
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Works great but takes work
Had about a hundred dandelions in my yard - tried spraying and hand digging but couldn’t keep up with it. Found out about this device but was turned off by some if the bad reviews but figured I’d try it and return it if it was junk. First - it has a 15 yr warranty so if any if the teeth break off it shouldn’t be a problem but I can’t see how you’d break any teeth unless you’re standing in the thing trying to break through rocks or roots. Second is the issue with releasing the dirt - yes it gets stuck like people say - yes even the hand slide release won’t get it out - and yes you have to figure out another way sometimes (by hand, stepping on the bolt, using every ounce of strength). After about 50 weeds I found out that if you step it in half way, pull up a bit to loosen the ground, and then go the rest of the way that it doesnt get stuck. You can even eject the dirt out like you are pumping a shotgun. And yes, it does take out a clump of dirt with the weed but I don’t see how else you expect to get the root out. For me this was the best option but it still involves work.
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Big holes, have to pull weeds that stuck in it by hands
Maybe because it was raining yesterday and the soil is still a bit wet, the weed stuck in this tool and I can’t even get it out. Frustration! Returning it today or tomorrow.
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They don't build them like they use to.
I purchased this because it had a beefier build than others I had seen. The foot pad is sturdy, the bulk of it is metal, has a gear system inside to make twisting convenient and overall easy to operate. The biggest flaw is the green handle is made of plastic and secured by 2 pop rivets. Within 5 minutes of twisting on weeds, the rivets snapped and the plastic cracked. I made a new handle and the things works like a charm now. Would be careful when using to now catch a root or something that could cause this.
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